Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ike on Vacation

Ike did pretty well on Vacation. He goes with the flow. In Yellowstone, the park itself, has a lot of driving. He slept a lot at those times. On the drive to Mt Rushmore (where we went first) Ike keep himself entertained by trying new tricks...He succeeded in getting a pretzel stuck between his toes on both feet, at the same time!

He also acted like he was sleeping by saying "shhh..."

But surprise.. he's not really sleeping!
He is my cutie pie Ike enjoying one of Joe's birthday cupcakes.

One evening at the campground all the kids played horseshoes (plastic ones, thank goodness!). Max threw the horseshoe, and can you guess where it went??

Yeah, it hit Ike! He cried but was fine.

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The Munck Family said...

What talent Ike has..heehee!

I love all the pictures of the trip...glad Ike didn't get hurt from the horseshoe :)