Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fun with grandparents

The grandparents were up here for roughly 4 1/2 days helping take care of the kids while I was recovering. The kids had fun. Grandpa and Grandma took them to the mall to play, to the park, and to the school. They also went out to eat several times. I'm sure the grandparents were wore out by the time they left. They did get a few pictures. So I'll share them with you. PS- they are the ones that also got a good one of Max and one of Sam I'll post later..

All 4 kids riding some train at the mall.

Here is Max riding his bike, or Joe's- it's hard to tell in this picture.Joe and Ike climbing away

Taking a time out for a picnic?

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Karen said...

LOVE the picnic. :)