Saturday, September 26, 2009


Yes, I know my blog feels abandoned. It's not, really.

A couple weeks ago Max started to get congested. No big deal really. He still acted fine. Last Saturday (a week ago) he was fine, he ate breakfast, played and just hung out. At lunch time Max spiked a fever and acted really lethargic. He wanted me to lay down with him. I did and once he was asleep I let him be. He acted like this for a few hours. I gave him meds (basically for his fever) and he seemed to somewhat snap back to normal. He still had a cough and was congested. Sunday he acted pretty normal as well. Just with a cough and maybe a little more tired than normal.

He went to school Monday. I wrote in his communication notebook that he had not felt that well so if he acted sick, to call me. I guess he did fine. Tuesday he went to school. At the end of the day his teacher said he was really acting out that day and he just acted like he didn't feel well plus he was still super congested. I decided Wednesday I would keep him home and have him go to the doctor. I walked Sam up to school (it's about a mile) and on my way back call the doctors office at around 8:15. They have a 8:45 opening. However, all 3 boys were at home still sleeping, while Pete got ready for work. I decide to take the 8:45. the only other time was 2:45. Which means I would have to pull Sam out of school early since school gets out at 3:40 and there was no way the doctors office would be that fast. Ike and Joe sleep in- and I mean sleep in! Sometimes they will sleep till around 11. Usually I am not lucky to have them both sleep that late on the same days. So I knew I would be dragging them out of bed (literally) and sticking them in the car so we could make this appointment. I still had to walk back home as well! We made it to the doctors office only 7 minutes late. I think their clock was slow though! which was nice considering it's usually fast.

I was truly expecting a script for a sinus infection. Max used to get those a lot. He has kinda slowed down a bit but I know what they look like. The doctor wants to test him for the flu since most of his grade level at school has been sick as well. Nobody in our family has been sick though. I guess Ike did have a fever for a day or 2 but really nothing major. They stick a long Q-tip like thing up his nostril and then the other side. It was pure torture- let me tell you! His nose was already running like a faucet now add tears and he was a mess!

The doctor comes back. Explains they test for type A and type B. If it is A then it is assumed to be H1N1-swine flu. Yes, max was positive for type A. But since he developed this over the weekend and it was now Wednesday it was too late for tamiflu. I asked about school and she told me was fine to go back the next day as long as he did not have a fever. He really acted fine just had a LOT of snot.

Wednesday morning I try and talk him into staying home. He really wanted to go to school. so I cave and let him go. 45 minutes later I get a call he needs to go home. He was being "difficult" (no way, my Max!?) and blowing snot everywhere (nice!). So I pick him up. I ended up keeping him home Friday as well. he still has snot central in his nose but it is improving some.

Not sure what all the swine flu hype is about. Max's case is not bad at all. Pretty minor thing in my opinion.

Now, if the snot would go away we would be good!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Max had his eye exam Monday. His left eye was turning in when he focused on things close to him. I figured he would be getting glasses. I prefer that over a patch (there is no way he would keep that on!) or surgery. So sure enough the doc. said he needed glasses. They will be bifocal glasses to help his eye focus more. I have dreaded this day since Max has been born. The day one of my kids needed glasses. Pete had really (REALLY!) bad vision before lasik.

I looked at the selection at the doc office (at Children's Mercy South hospital). They did have one type of glasses for special needs. They were the miraflex ones. They are kinda neat to feel and bend around but not sure how those would work for Max. They have to have a strap to keep them in place. I don't know how he would do with a strap. Also, not sure how 'cute' they look on older kids. Although there was a pair that was gray so it wasn't the bright colors like most. The warrenty from the office sounded great though. If I bought the warranty then we got up to 3 pairs replaced at no charge. I came home and looked around online.

I already knew of Specs4us and really wish CMH south had those. They are specailly designed for kiddos with Down syndrome. People with Ds tend to have a flat nose bridge (if you can even call it that!) and lower set ears. That is not a good thing when it comes to glasses. The glasses always slip down. So I found a place that carries the Specs4us glasses (also called Erin's world frames). After school Tuesday I was a bit too brave in taking all 4 kids with me to an optical shop. I was not looking forward to this at all!

We get the the optical shop and while in the car I tell the kids what I expect from them. Stand by me and act like good little kids. NO running, no grabbing glasses, no blah, blah, blah... You get the point. Ike was sleeping. I thought about getting the stroller out and strapping him and Joe in that. However, that means Ike would wake up. I can rarely move him with him not waking up. But I would have the stroller and 2 kids confined. Screaming, crying confined kids. So I opted to skip the stroller. I could grab Ike and hold him on my shoulder and we would stay asleep (it's the putting him down part that he wake up on). Joe knows how to behave so I was OK. We walk in the store. First thing is first, kids must grab glasses. Sam was saying she wanted glasses and these are the ones she wants. Max spotted a 'doctors' chair (you know, the round stool with wheels) and thought that looked fun. He pushed that around while I kept saying "Max come here and try on these glasses." Sam was grabbing mirrors, Max was grabbing chairs, Joe starts yelling he has to go potty and Ike is snoozing. I'm sure the guys working were hoping we would just leave. But I was on a mission. I wasn't sure if I was gonna even order them but I wanted Max to at least try on some glasses.

An older guy finally came over to help us out with the glasses. The kids decide they needed exercise and start running around the store. They had a wall that you could walk all the way around so that must be a great place to do some running. Which they did, several times! After I would tell them to sit in this chair, they would but all the chairs but one had wheels. I'm sure you can guess how that went. Joe had the wheel-less chair. He stayed pretty well behaved after that except for some spitting and yelling. Max and Sam must have had some couped up energy from school or something. OH MY GOODNESS! Finally I just order some glasses. I asked Max which ones, which color and he picked some out but really his mind was on running so he didn't care that much. I could not get out of there fast enough! By the time we left Ike was awake. The whole ride home I listen to them bicker, so I turned up the radio. There was no TV on the ride home and they all headed to theirs room once we got home.

So, do I have any volunteers to take all 4 kids back up to pick up the glasses when they are ready!??

To top it off, I had a $50 off coupon for the store that I printed off from thier website-- totally forgot to use it since my mind was on trying to get the kids to sit down and behave!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Have you seen this?

I know there was an email going around sharing this site but it is pretty funny so I'm sharing it with you. It is called People of Walmart. Some of them will crack you up. If you need a laugh, check it out!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy not dead!

So by the looks of my blog I have dead. But really, it's been busy. Pete also had my computer all last week b/c his video card went bad in his, for the 5th time. He had Dell declare the computer defected and they sent a new one. He also ordered a new one because he has been dying to. That way I would get the replacement one and he would get the one he ordered. Now we have them both and he may sent the one he ordered back because he actually likes the replacement one. But he will decide sometime this week.

So what all has happened since my last post? Lots. Ike turned 2, Sam turned 6 (but that was about 2 days before my last post), we had a birthday party, we went to St Louis for the weekend, stopped by and visited my sister and family going and coming from St. Louis, I had a crown replaced in my mouth that left a nice, colorful bruise on my cheek (still there and it will be 2 weeks tomorrow!), and just life in general!

Was that the longest sentence or what?! Hopefully this week I can actually sit down and post about some of our busy life. Until then, Have a great week. Can you believe it's Wednesday already??