Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy not dead!

So by the looks of my blog I have dead. But really, it's been busy. Pete also had my computer all last week b/c his video card went bad in his, for the 5th time. He had Dell declare the computer defected and they sent a new one. He also ordered a new one because he has been dying to. That way I would get the replacement one and he would get the one he ordered. Now we have them both and he may sent the one he ordered back because he actually likes the replacement one. But he will decide sometime this week.

So what all has happened since my last post? Lots. Ike turned 2, Sam turned 6 (but that was about 2 days before my last post), we had a birthday party, we went to St Louis for the weekend, stopped by and visited my sister and family going and coming from St. Louis, I had a crown replaced in my mouth that left a nice, colorful bruise on my cheek (still there and it will be 2 weeks tomorrow!), and just life in general!

Was that the longest sentence or what?! Hopefully this week I can actually sit down and post about some of our busy life. Until then, Have a great week. Can you believe it's Wednesday already??


The Munck Family said...

Happy to see your still around!!!

Sounds like you've been busy too, Happy late birthday to Sam & Ike!

Kim said...

know the feeling! All my post consist of a picture and the reader fills in the words. Just don't have time!