Tuesday, October 20, 2009

He made "the list"

I had the kids scheduled to get the flu vaccines last week but it had to be cancel since they ran out of the vaccine. I'm supposed to keep calling to see if they have it in. So far they have not.

I got a call this morning from the kids doctors office. They asked for the parent of Max. I was thinking why just Max... he doesn't have any test out there waiting for results. The lady continues to tell me they have receieved some H1N1 vaccines. They don't have very many as of yet so the doctors have made a list of who should receive it first. Max made that list. In general since kids with Ds have more health problems I am guessing that is why Max made the list. Max doesn't really have more health issues than any of my other kids except for his ears. Maybe a tad more so than the others but really not much. I only say that because he does have history with having sinus infections.

She asked if I wanted to take the offer for the vaccine. I went ahead and made an appointment. At 4 this afternoon. I also asked if they had the regular flu shot in yet. They only had the doses for 2 year olds. So Ike will also be getting a "poke" at 4 with Max. I am thinking 2 crying kids will be better than all 4. You would have died laughing last year if you were watching us give all 4 kids the flu shots. It was me, 4 kids and 2 nurses. All 4 kids were hysterical. They played off each other and were going crazy. Finally I just had to laugh about it. They were under the chairs holding on for dear life.

You know what? I find it very strange that Max will be getting this vaccine. Him and Sam have both had H1N1 already. Max acted like it was nothing. It knocked Sam down for a few days though. So the kid who had a fever for only a few hours will be getting it but the kid who had a fever for several days will not. I'm wondering too about the fact that he already had the H1N1, does he really need the vaccine now? At the time he had it, the doctors did not know this answer. I will ask again before he gets it. I tried calling but the line was busy. We'll see.

For now Max has made this elite list. I'm guessing he is not so happy about making it though!!


SunflowerMom said...

Hmm, wouldn't he have built the natural immunity already? idk?

Hope the pokes go better this time. Aidan is a drama queen at shots- once he even asked for a wheelchair bc his legs hurt too much to walk! LOL

Debbie Yost said...

My pediatrician's office isn't even getting the H1N1 vaccine and told us to check with Children's Mercy. Of course they don't have it either. My dr. office is also out of the regular flu shot, so everyone is scaring us silly with the swine flu (tonight the national news had a story on how this little girl in KC is fighting for her life) but there are no vaccines to be found! I'm glad you made the list at least. :)