Monday, October 19, 2009

heebie jeebies

If you don't like creepy crawly bugs, this may not be for you.

Our house is a split level. Our playroom is in the basement (along with office and storage room), from the basement you can go down one more level, it is called a sub basement. This is one room and has a big screen TV, with the Wii hooked-up. We also have a treadmill and weight machine down there (for hubby). Our whole basement is finished but you still get the basement 'feel' while in the wii room. It is dark, it only has one window which we have covered up. I wouldn't say it's damp but you get that feeling.

Joe and Sam were down stairs. Sam on the Wii and Joe was with her. Joe starts screaming and carrying on. No biggie since apparently he didn't get what he wanted and in about 2.3 seconds he will come up stairs to tell me how unfair Sam is being. He makes it up and is crying. "Mommy! There is poison in the playroom!" sob, sob.... "what do you mean, there is poison in the playroom?" "there is a poison bug downstairs" "alright Joe, go show me."

We go downstairs and Joe said the bug was on the steps (going towards the Wii room). I look and see nothing. I get a bright lamp and look, nothing. The carpet in that room is a deep maroon and is friese style , which means is somewhat 'furry' and hard to spot a bug. I'm looking, I'm looking and then Joe yells, "there it is! It's on the wall!" Pointing right by me head. I look and see what I figured he was calling poison. A house centipede. I have seen one of these in our house a few months back in our laundry room. It's on the same level as the playroom. I of course killed it on sight. They look SO gross. I have seen several of these creatures at my in-laws house. Never knew what they were so I goggled it. Turns out, they are 'good' bugs. They seem like spiders in the fact they eat other bugs. They, however, stalk their pray and attack it.

I'm not the type or person to kill bugs, even spiders. But if it's a brown recluse then I kill it. I am getting him/her before it gets me! Thankfully I have never seen one of those in our house. So as much as I wanted to, I didn't kill the house centipede this go around. But I did take his picture. Are you ready? They are gross....


Karen said...

GAH! I'm not freaky about bugs either, but that's one my exceptions. Yuck. I'm glad you found it and it's not still wandering the house.

datri said...

Ick. We have millipedes in our house from time to time. I'm not sure which are worse!