Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's going around..

Max had H1N1 2 weeks ago. At that time the nurse said that a lot of 2nd graders were absent due to illness. The flu and whatever else is still going around. About 10% of school is absent because they are sick. Max's para was gone for over a week! She got sick the same time Max did and shared it with her family. Isn't that nice of her. Max was not so generous and never shared it with us (thankfully).

About a week past and Max did go on antibiotics because the snot was not going away. It got better but not gone. The school nurse called and said she thought Max should be seen again for a sinus infection. So I called the doc and they called in meds. I was glad--- no trip to the office with 4 kids then to the pharmacy to get meds. They rarely just call something in for me. He is still on that. He got better pretty much immediately after starting amoxicillon.

2 weeks have now past. Sam is the type that always has Something wrong with her. One day it may be her stomach, another her throat, another her thumb, just always something! So Monday I don't remember what was wrong with her but she survived the day at school. Tuesday she claimed her throat hurt. She survived again. She did however go see the school nurse both days. She had no temp so she stayed. Wednesday morning her throat hurt still. she had been doing a lot of coughing. So I called her (or rather emailed her) in sick. She still had no temp though.

I could tell she was bored and then even asked if she could just go to school. Late morning she disappeared. I found her in bed sleeping. She must really not be feeling well! She started to get a temp. Since she had a temp Wednesday afternoon/evening she had to stay home Thursday as well. So today she is home. She is sick. She has layed in bed all day. Her temp is around 102 degrees. She is coughing a lot. I went to check on her just a little bit ago and she acted like she was in a daze. I think she may have really been sleeping but had her eyes opened and answered my questions. I asked if she wanted a drink of water. Yes. I put the straw to her mouth but she just layed there, same expression. "open your mouth" but she did not change. So I think she was half sleeping. I tired to give her meds but she would not take any. I am guessing she also has the flu (H1N1). I should probably go peek at her throat tough and make sure it doesn't look like strep. It might be hard for me to tell if they have strep this winter. I generally got it every time they did but now since I am tonsil free, I better not! Right now, I don't plan on taking her to the doctor.

Today is a rainy day. Ike fell asleep about 2 hours after he woke up. He is still sleeping. Granted my kids stay up late so they get up late as well (but Max and Sam- they have to get up early and go to bed early on school nights). Ike got up around 10. He was back out around 12. It's almost 3 now and he is snoozing. He acted fine but now I wonder if he is getting sick as well. hopefully he is just sleeping it off and will not get sick. And since it's rainy, that is always the best time to sleep.

I could use a nap! I just can't sleep during the day though. And Joe is up and acting fine so not like I would be able to sleep even if I could! Last night my longest stretch of sleep was about 2 hours long. I'm sure new moms - are like, wow a whole 2 hours! But I'm not a new mom, and I really want my sleep! The boys didn't go to sleep till around 2 I think. I was already asleep by then. They both had late evening naps. That is always fun. Sam kept coughing all night. In our bed last night was me, Joe, Sam and Pete. Ike was sleeping on our couch in our room. Lucky duck Max was in his bed and enjoyed a full night of sleep in a bed to himself. Maybe I shouldn't say a full night sleep, he didn't go to bed until 11ish.

It should be fun getting Max from school in about 45 minutes. 2 kids sleeping, at least 1 of those sick and it is raining!! I think I better leave super early so I don't have to hike 1/2 mile (OK, maybe not a full 1/2 mile but with kids, it feels like it!) down the sidewalk to pick him up. Maybe I should think about doing the drive through pickup.


SunflowerMom said...

Oh man, that stinks! Sorry to hear you have the pig bug in your house. Being sick or having sick kids is the worst! Especially with so little sleep. I hope you get more rest tonight!

Karen said...

Ugh, I hope whatever it is it's short lived and doesn't continue spreading.