Saturday, October 10, 2009

She's got it

Friday I did take Sam to the doctor. Pete basically wanted to make sure she didn't have pneumonia. So i took her. They were BUSY! They tested for flu and strep. You would have thought we were about to chop her head off the way she put up a fight. I had warned her on what they were gonna do. Maybe next time I shouldn't! Strep came back negative but they will still send it off to make sure. The flu came back positive. So Sam has also been hit with H1N1. She was out of school Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Thursday and Friday were her worst days. She layed in bed the entire day (when we were home).

I had to drag Joe out of bed so we could get to Sam's 11:00 doctor appointment. Once I got him up he didn't act like he felt good either. really tired and felt warm. Once we got back home later that afternoon I took his temp and it was about 101 degrees. Sam's was too. I gave them both Tylenol and they slept all evening. Ike acted fine Friday so I guess the other day he was just tired.

Ike is still sleeping this morning (it's only 9ish) so I am hoping he still feels well when he wakes up. He has had a rash on his bed for a few days. But nothing too bad. Maybe Joe and Ike have strep. Ike has the rash for it and Joe is not really coughing yet but says his throat hurts. Only time will tell.

Today Sam seem a little better. She has gotten out of bed and even was teasing Joe. She asked for food but I don't think she has eaten any of it.

I hope me (or Pete) don't get sick! Pete is so much worse than any baby when sick!! And me- I don't get any special treatment when sick.

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SunflowerMom said...

Oh man! You guys are getting hit hard this year! :(