Monday, November 16, 2009

Reece's Rainbow --Down syndrome adoption

It seems like everyone in the blog world is adopting. Ok, well not everyone but lots of people have or in the process of adopting a child. Most are through Reece's Rainbow. A great non-profit organization, started in 2004, to help with international adoption of children with Down syndrome. They also host "other angels" which are children that have other special needs instead of Down syndrome. It promotes awareness, funds and most importantly matches these kids with their forever families.

Right now they have their Christmas Angel Tree Project going on. It goes through the end of year. The goal is find families for the kids but also to help rise each child's grant to at least $1000 each. For $35 you help support a child and get a Christmas tree ornament with that child's picture on it.

I love reading about these families and their journey to adopt their new child or children. I encourage you go check out Reece's Rainbow. It has several links to adopting families, available children, and tons of useful information.

I have fallen in love with 2 little boys that are soon facing institutional life. They are listed under the most "at risk" category for boys. Right now they are already 5 years old.

They are Joseph

and Charlie

They are so cute. They are only about a month apart in age and are at the same orphanage. I'm guessing within the next year they will be transferred to a mental institution if not much sooner. Usually kids 'age-out' of the baby homes (orphange) between 4-6 years old. It depends on many things including the country and how much money the baby home has. Of course I am hoping and praying these little boys find forever families. Joseph has around a $1,400 grant including his Christmas tree grant and other donations. Charlie has around $1,000.

I would love for these cuties to belong to me but my husband thinks I'm crazy. I have their pictures hanging on my fridge.

Life in a mental institution in their country is no life at all. They are old buildings with very little funding to help run them. Some kids are tied to beds, they are fed very little and receive no physical love or even touch. Most of these cute little kids that go to the institution die within the first year. I can't even imagine a life like that. It's no life at all. It's all because they were born with an extra chromosome. The familes that give these kids up, saying they died at birth, have no idea what they are missing. Unconditional love for one.

Please help these kids anyway you can. Pray, donate, spread the word, or even better, adopt these cutie pies!

Reece's Rainbow


Anonymous said...

ok now I am crying! I absolutely LOVE when someone prays for these children who need homes! You are special in my book! Thanks for the heads up! I am off to visit and see what we can do!

Karen said...

I found little Maria that I was sure needed to become part of our family about a year ago. My husband didn't agree either. Thankfully she found a home, but it breaks my heart that there are so many kids out there who still need someone to find them.