Friday, November 13, 2009

Walk formally known as Buddy...

This year our Buddy Walk was not called The Buddy Walk. It was called Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk.... Step Up Walk for short. I was told that there were around 10 walks called Step Up Walk this year. Basically because the Down Syndrome Society was wanting a lot of money this year so the local groups decided they wanted to keep more money in their local areas and somewhat joined together.

The Kansas City walk is one of the largest Down syndrome walks in the country. This year we had over 7,000 people walk/attend and so far over $370,000 raised!! This means that the KC walk was the biggest and most money raised in the country this year! WoW!!

The walk was at the end of October. October 24. It was rather chilly in the morning but warmed up nicely. The walk is from 9 until 1. There is lots of fun things for kids (bounce houses, climbing rock wall, ballon guys, face painting, a carnival ride or 2, etc...) and of course lunch.

We had our parents up for the walk and then my brother and his family came. Then from School there was our K teacher (Max and Sam both had her) and her husband, Max's old resource teacher and her 2 kids, Max's para and her family. His Pre-k teacher was signed up but had something come up and the last minute so she didn't make it. She came last year though!

It was a great day and here are a few photos of the day...
Max getting a free ride from daddy.

Sam decided she needed a free ride too. Chris, Max's para, carried Sam! muscle woman... I don't even do this for Sam! As you can tell, Sam enjoyed it!

Me and Ike... while he was awake.

He slept most the time in the wagon.

Joe figured he would try this too... He wasn't really sleeping though.

Hope everyone had a great October .... Down Syndrome Awareness month.

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