Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Over Thanksgiving Sam didn't feel that well. She stayed home that following Monday and Tuesday. She perked up and acted fine. Thursday she went to sleep as soon as we got home from school. She slept the whole evening. She got sick that night so she stayed home Friday as well. Friday morning I get Max up and help him get ready. He would not even touch his breakfast. All he wanted was his Orange juice. But I knew something was up for him to turn down his pizza breakfast. Breakfast of champions, you know! I asked if his tummy hurt but any question i asked got an answer of no. I told him to go back to bed then. And he did! So I let stay home too. I wish I had known the night before he was sick because then I could have slept a little longer that morning! But anyway, he went upstairs, started watching TV and just laid on the couch. He started throwing up around 9 and continued the entire day. He stayed on the couch the whole day except for a brief 30 minute time period when he went on a hunt to find me. Oh and the time he move from the couch, away from towels and a barf bucket, out to the hallway and decided to leave a nice bit stain on the carpet. Sam stayed in her bed the entire day. They were both pretty sick.

Max was himself by Saturday. Yay! So his was a 24 hour thing. Sam was still sick over the weekend but started felling better Sunday evening. Alright- she can go to school Monday. Wrong. She got sick during the night. SO I kept her home Monday as well. She acted fine though.

Monday afternoon I had doctors appointments for all 4 kids to get flu shots (seasonal and/or H1N1). That is always SO much fun! not really. All 4 act as though we are about to decapitate them. After the appointment Max wanted to go to school again. He had about an hour left. So I took him back. crazy kid. Do you want to go home or go to school. what kid picks school? Max does I guess!

Ike fell asleep on the way to the doctors office. He slept for a little bit until I decided he needed to be woke up by me not some needle being jabbed into his leg. He then fell asleep after our McDonald's stop (which was right after the shots). He slept and slept. I dropped Max off at school and then went home. We went back out roughly30-45 minutes later to go get Max and Ike kept sleeping. I did the drive through pick up so I didn't have to get Ike out. We came home and Ike continued to sleep! He slept for 3 1/2-4 hours for a single nap! That shot must really have worn him out. He may not be feeling all that well either. He has had some pretty nasty diapers.

But as of right now, all 4 kids are healthy-Finally. 2 are still sleeping. The other 2 are at school. Yay! Now in another couple of hours or so I may not be able to say all 4 are healthy, but we'll see...

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