Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh the drama!

Sam is just a tad bit of a drama queen. Sam is also an artist. Or at least she uses enough paper and artsy supplies to be an artist. Even at school she creates masterpieces.

A couple of months ago she brought home a shoe box turned upside down with big pom-poms glued onto it. Apparently this was a dog. His name was Puffy. His puffies kept falling off so Sam taped them all on. She played with Puffy that night and maybe the next. After that nothing. I turned Puffy upside down and filled it with a bunch of Sam's other artwork that she left all over the table. And there Puffy sat, upside down filled with papers for weeks. I was tired of looking at it so I weeded through the papers (artwork!) and put most in the recycle bag of papers. I then stuffed Puffy in the trash. I made sure to bury him way down in there.

Has anyone ever tried to throw away a masterpiece that your child has made only later for them to find it in the trash!?? I have. Which is why I buried it. It worked. Puffy was gone. On a side note- Don't think I get away with throwing papers in the recycle bag without hearing about it. Sam will always ask me, "why did you throw that away?" I say I didn't throw it away (you know, cause technically I'm going to recycle it!). I bury everyone single one of her papers I throw in that bag!! And if I saved every single masterpiece she created our whole house would be stuffed full of paper.

Last week Sam came out of school with a half of an egg carton and construction paper glued to it in certain places. This was the birth of Birdie. She loved Birdie so much that she left him in the car for a week and completely forgot about him. Yesterday while cleaning some stuff out of the car I took Birdie out. I was THIS close to throwing him away. I instead put him by the garage door.

Yesterday after school Sam comes out with "Little Robot." This creature was made of 2 boxes, some yarn and who knows what else. As soon as we get in the car she noticed Birdie was missing. HOW? I don't know. She asks where Birdie is. I tell her he is at home. She made sure Little Robot had his own seat on the drive home. We get home and Little Robot and Birdie are introduced. They play together and decide to look for another friend. Guess who? Puffy. Sam is looking all over and finally asks me where Puffy is.
The dog I made.
What dog?
You know, the one that had big fluffy things on him.

Then I realized what she was asking for. Doh!

Um, I'm not sure Sam.
Well, have you seen him?
Not lately.
Where is he?
I think he may have went to a farm so he could run and play.

I guess she knew what that meant cause she busted out crying!
You threw Puffy away??
(back pedaling) I don't know if I threw him away or not. Maybe he's around the house somewhere. Keep looking.
She was upset that I threw her Puffy away. I heard about it for about the next hour. I had her make a new Puffy. But it was not the real Puffy so obviously this Puffy will not fill the void.
She came crying to me that she missed Puffy. She never even got a picture of Puffy so that she could look at him again. The drama went on and on. I'm not sure she missed our real dog, Ralph, that much when we had to put him to sleep last year. It did take her a full month to realize he was no longer around. Seriously!

Hopefully she won't see the scarecrow or jelly fish I plan on throwing away today. I should probably just take those straight to the recycle drop off!


Debbie Yost said...

I do that all the time and yes, I've been caught at which point I play dumb. No, dear, I don't know how that got in the trash, it must have been a mistake. My girls are the same way. One day Diva brought home a stick from a walk. She named is Gracie. It was a dog, I think. Gracie this, Gracie then, then Gracie was forgotten for a while and MA mowed over it. Bye bye Gracie. We never told Diva. One day she came in with Gracie. Hmm, glad she didn't realize it wasn't the same stick.

Sharon said...

LOL, this sounds so familiar. I also have a drama queen artist. She is 8 years old. Really enjoyed reading your post.

Karen said...

I am so glad that my kids outgrew that stage. It seemed that no matter what you did, it was the wrong thing.