Monday, January 4, 2010

Avatar 3-D Imax

My husband wanted to see the movie Avatar. I knew nothing much about it. I knew it was a movie and had blue creatures in it. That was about it. So his plan was to see it Saturday morning at 9:50- to beat the crowds for the day. In case you don't know, 9:50 is early for us to be somewhere. So Pete wakes me up and we get the kids all up, dressed, half-fed and out the door at 9:50. Yes, the movie was starting at 9:50. We get there and Pete drops me off to buy the tickets. It was 5* outside at the time by the way. I wait in line to find out the movie is sold out until 10 PM that night. Nice. we got he kids up and out in this freezing weather for nothing. I call him up before he unloads all the kids. They were out of their seats and all bundled up ready to hop out of the car. We decide to buy tickets for Sunday, same time. Then went and ate breakfast and came home. Call it a test run!

Sunday we get up a little earlier knowing it will be crowded. We needed to get 6 seats in one row. We got there around 9:20-9:25ish. The theater was crowded but not too bad. We had no problem getting seats all together.

The movie was in 3-D and on an Imax screen. Did you know the movie is roughly 3 hours long? A long movie for 4 little kiddos. We made one bathroom break. I told them that was all they got. They did pretty good. Ike was antsy and Joe had his moments but overall, they were good. The movie theater was very crowded by the time the movie started. Not every seat was taken but there was not many left over.

We all thought the movie was very good. The 3-D effects were done very well and I'm sure the Imax screen made it even better. Ike never wore his 3-D glasses. Joe wore his off and on. Max wore them for over half the movie and Sam wore hers for most the movie.

The movie was good in the fact that it kept your attention. It did have some bad language and some violence. I was told it had mild violence. I would saw it was maybe a little more than mild. At least for 8, 6, 4, and 2 year olds. It is rated PG-13.

I'm sure it won't be anything like the 3-D Imax experience when it is released on DVD. If you are wanting to see the movie, I say go see it now while it's in the theaters. We paid $54.00 for all of us to go see this movie. I'm glad it was good and the $54 was not a complete waste!

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