Friday, January 1, 2010

enough already

5 out of 6 of us are on antibiotics. I'm number 6... No meds for me.

Sam was sick the whole week of Christmas until Thursday morning when we were going to open our presents. Amazingly she felt well enough to open gifts and see what Santa brought. Yes, Santa came a day early to our house. She was fine all that day and Friday morning. We went to the grandparents house Thursday and stayed until Sat. evening. Sam was fine until the cousins left from grandma's Friday around lunch. All of a sudden she is sick again. She was crying saying her ears hurt and her stomach hurt. The weekend she was sick but then felt better and back and forth. Sunday I think all the kid were sick. There was sleeping, there was high fevers and there was vomit. I know you're all jealous. But nobody was deathly sick. Everyone seemed to be sick but then later acted fine. Monday morning Sam again complained her ears hurt. I took her in to the doctor. At the time I was thinking to myself I should probably just have them all seen and save time! Sam had a double ear infection. No brainer. She got meds.

Tuesday there were fevers with Sam and Joe. Max was starting to look all congested and Ike was doing OK. Wednesday I took Joe to the doctor. He had had a fever for a few days and he said his throat hurt. I was thinking possible strep. Wednesday morning while I was getting his breakfast ready he throw up all his chocolate milk and Tylenol I just gave him. On the couch. Sam was sitting next to him. watched him puke and then puked herself. Again, ON the couch. Yay- I get to clean the couch and still have a puke smelling couch. Wednesday afternoon doctor appointment and Joe test positive for Strep. Meds for Joe.

I got home Wednesday evening from picking up Joe's meds and Ike was crying saying his ear hurt. He refused to take Tylenol. He was sure it was some kind of poison I guess. I got him to sleep on my chest while I watched TV. Every time he woke up he cried. So I guess I would be taking Ike in on Thursday. I was thinking of just having them see Max as well. He is still congested and looks awful. He acts fine though. But when Max gets all snotty like that it tends to end in an sinus infection. I was pretty sure they would be closed Friday since Doctor offices are usually closed for New Years Day.

Thursday morning I noticed Max has watery blood draining from his Right ear. ouch. But Max has had several tubes so I guess they work. However, one tube is out and one is possibly still in his ear. I check out the hearing test paper work we had done about 2 weeks ago to see what tube was out. It is his Right tube that has fallen out. So Either his ear drum ruptured OR there was still a hole in his drum from the tube. I don't know. SO, Max will also be seeing the doctor.

Thursday afternoon.... Ike has an ear infection. Meds for Ike. Max also has at least one ear infection. The ear with the tube possible still in they couldn't see the tube but said his ear looked pretty bad. Also --- he possibly has STREP! Seriously? They didn't test for it since he was getting meds for his ears anyway. He had his tonsils out last year (Sept. 2008) b/c he got strep all the time. However, I don't really think he had strep. Max generally gets sick with strep. As in, he sleeps and pukes and gets the 'strep rash' on his body. I do know it's possible to get strep with the tonsils out. But still!

Giving Ike his medicine is like torture. I am hoping he warms up to it within a couple of days and not on the 9th day!!

Today (Friday) they all are acting much better. I have a cold and my throat did start hurting a couple days ago but I'm pretty sure I can survive it. Pete has a cold that he is getting over right now.

I am hoping after all the medicine going through our house is over that the kids decide to stay healthy for a little bit. Fingers crossed!


datri said...

Hope you all get better soon!

Debbie Yost said...

Oh boy, that does not sound fun! I'll take the potty training trials over that any day. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. That is no way to spend winter break.