Thursday, January 28, 2010

Max's ears

Max's ENT appointment was Yesterday. He confirmed the tube was still in on ear but was out in the Right ear. The right ear is the one that has been draining. It still had goopy stuff in it, but not draining.

Since Max's ear canals are so small they needed to be cleaned out to put the meds in better. Max does awesome with the doctor looking in his ears but once Max knows his ear will be cleaned out, it is battle time! He needs to lay on this table so the ENT can clean his ear. One nurse holds Max's face still (as best as she can) while me and another nurse hold his arms and legs and his thrashing body. We still weren't strong enough to keep him still for very long. The ENT did get some of the stuff vacuumed out of his ear but i don't think he got it as clean as he wanted.

We are to use drops for 5 day and that should clear it up. Now imagine the above with just me and Max. Trying to convince him he needs drops is not happening. I usually try to add drops after he is asleep. But he needs drops 3 times a day. Guess what-- I forgot last night and this morning. Bad mommy, I know.

The good news is that the ENT did not mention tubes yet. So fingers crossed this just clears up by itself.


Karen said...

I hope things clear up for Max. I know that drops-in-the-ear thing isn't fun at all and I generally forget as well. Mostly out of convenience on both our parts.

The Munck Family said...

Glad Max had a his tubes still in place! Drops...sigh* I think they should only give drops out to kids who are "only" children...LOL!!! Cause I seem to always forget ;)

Jonathan went to the ENT today and his tubes are out..again!! So on the 15th he'll have another set put in this will be his 13th set...ugh! But he really need them so we can hear better.