Monday, January 25, 2010

Max's glasses

Over Christmas break Max had his first eye appointment since getting his classes. He had his glasses for about 4 months. I was told he didn't need to wear them but it is preferred. The Dr said Max will (should) outgrow this in his adolescence. Some doctors say there is no need to wear the glasses but others say it is still a good idea. If it is a big struggle to have the child wear glasses then don't bother with it. Max does awesome with his glasses. When wearing them his eye doesn't turn in but as soon as he takes them off and focuses on something close-by, the eye is turned in. So he will be wearing his.

About a week ago Max came out of school without his glasses on. I asked where they were and was told they were in his lunch box because they broke. Nice. I was in the drive-thru lane at school so it is not a place to stay and chat with a teacher/therapist. I figured the ear piece broke off because it was pretty close to just falling off. They have been bent too many times. Metal can only bend back and forth so many times before snapping off. I checked out the glasses to find it was only a screw that was missing.

We were out of town that weekend so I didn't get them fixed. I got them fixed a couple days later and gave them to Max after school. Within 2 hours they were broken. Really broken this time! Grr!!!

The store was already closed for the night. I decided to email Specs4Us and see if they were covered at all. If bought on-line they are covered for a year for defects. I emailed and shortly afterwords I got a reply from Maria, the lady who 'invented' the glasses. She said if the store did not do anything to help me then to let her know and she would take care of it. Wow. How many businesses/ people do you know like that? Very few, if any.

The next day I called the store and yes, they would replace them for free. They are covered for a year. They would even put the lenses in the glasses while we wait there. After school I take all 4 kids up to the optical shop. I was not looking forward to it.

We get there and the lady goes in the back to look for the new frames. The kids are still behaving. The lady asked if Max had any other glasses to wear. Not a good sign, I think. No, he doesn't. Well, guess what? The store is out of the frames we need. Why could she not have checked on this when I talked to her earlier that day?? That would have been way too easy, apparently. She said they would have to order the frames. Since she would have to order the frames she was just going to start fresh. So Max will be getting new frames and lenses. His lenses did have a couple minor scratches but nothing too major to effect them. But OK.

So hopefully this week Max will be getting his new glasses (again!) and lucky me, gets to take all 4 kids to the optical shop (again!). I hope they behave again while there.

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datri said...

Kayla's eye turning in has pretty much stopped since she got glasses, although her head tilt is still there. I just bought her cheap Walmart frames, she does often throw her glasses!