Friday, January 15, 2010

Round 2 and questions

I have been neglecting my blog lately! Remember 2 months ago when my new computer (my 2 month old computer) was being replaced by Dell? They had issues finding the right screen for it. They had to build a brand new one for it's replacement. The one I bought was a refurbished one. However, I was told I would have my replacement computer within 21 business days. SO did NOT happen. I called them a few times and they would just say the production line could not find a screen (monitor) that is equal or higher to my current screen. The last time I called them I was on the phone with them for an hour and 12 minutes. Grrr!

So he kept kinda giving me the run around. I finally asked what happens so long and the screen can't be found? He didn't know. "well what has happened to other people when this happened. I'm sure there have been others who waited this long, so what happened with them? What is done after so much time?" He put me on hold for awhile. Came back and said my computer will be ready to ship Jan. 5 (I talked to them Dec. 27 or sometime around then). OK, great.

My husband told me not to believe them. On Jan. 4 guess what is ready to be delivered? yeah, my computer- finally!! However, we missed the fedex guy so we got it the next day. My husband was going to swap computers with me so he got the new one and fixed it up with his stuff. I now have his (which is still pretty new, it's maybe 6 months old) and ready to fix it up with MY stuff. I hate this part. It takes forever. But luckily most programs I want are already installed on Pete's desktop, so I just have to copy them to mine. Still a pain.

So my computer went bad Nov 17 and it took till the beginning of January to get the replacement.

Other news, the kids were all on meds over Christmas break. They all got better. Until 2 days ago and Max has fluid coming out of his ear again. I take him in yesterday and he has infections in both ears. He is now getting Omnicef (the expensive med!) and will see his ENT next week. I'm guessing yet another set of tubes is in Max's near future.

Sam complained last night that her throat hurt. This morning same thing. I gave her the choice of doctor or school. She picked doctor. That is saying something because she HATES being tested for strep. (who doesn't.) Sam now has an appointment this afternoon. Sam does not really act all that sick though. Fingers crossed Joe and Ike stay healthy.

Now I have a couple of questions for you.
1. Has anyone ever gone to a seminar called DownsEd? It is UK based. They will be here in February. Max's para is planning on going and wanted to know if i knew anyone that has gone.
2. Since Max will more than likely be getting new tubes soon I was wondering about some other parts of his body. We saw a urologist a couple years ago because Max's testicles don't stay down. His pediatriction referred us. The U doctor said Max is normal and his 'stuff' is doing what it should. Well Max is now 8 1/2 years old. I still notice his testicles are up more than down. granted I don't see this as often since he doesn't wear diapers. Anyone have any experience or knowledge about this? If he needs something done I would rather have it done all at once.


Karen said...

Two of our boys had surgery for cryptorchidism. It's recommended having it done by age 2 if possible, as the older they get the more painful it is. If the DR isn't concerned, it shouldnt' be a problem. If you think it needs re-addressed, see a doc before having the tubes placed. Doubling up on surgeries is a good thing - we do it as often as we can.

Kim said...

Glad you are back up and running! Now if you are like me, just finding the time to blog is a challenge! Sorry can't help with your questions. All girls here!

The Munck Family said...

So happy to see you back blogging :)

To help out with 1 question, Jonathan had the same problem as Max. I wondered if they were right not to worry...cause I still worried. But they were right in Jonathan's case. Just in the past couple of months his have dropped. Jonathan turned 11 in October, so Max's may do the same in time. Not that you ask but Jonathan has a micro penis si I really didn't think his would drop...but they did. Now are you thinking TMI! Sorry, but hope this helps some.

Beth said...

Downs Ed is an excellent research group from England. Sue Buckley is one of the top researchers in the world regarding cognition and learning in the Down syndrome population. DownsEd has many of its publications available online. They are also starting to do webinars for teachers and parents.

Sorry I don't have any info on the manly issue...