Friday, January 22, 2010

The sound of grinding teeth

I can NOT stand that sound. It drives me crazy. It is the same as fingernails going down a chalkboard.

So a few weeks ago Sam started grinding her teeth. It irritates the heck outta me. I tell her stop. I tell her she will ruin her teeth. I tell her if she does it while sitting next to me she has to leave the room (or I leave the room). Grind, grind, grind.

I could not figure out why she started this all of a sudden. Were her teething hurting? She didn't complain of anything... and she likes to complain.

So a few days ago she wanted help brushing her teeth. I usually prefer to help since I know they do such a poor job at brushing their own teeth. I was brushing and then I saw why she is doing the annoying teeth grinding thing. She is getting her back molars in.

Max used to grind his teeth has a baby when he was getting new teeth. Now I am hoping those molars come in fast and hopefully the grinding will stop.

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Karen said...

I'm with you on the nasty grinding thing. It IS like fingers on a chalkboard. Unfortunately, Micah started that 2 years ago and hasn't stopped. I never thought about his molars coming in - he would have been coming up on 5. Now it's habit I think. And? It's very shocking that one can grow accustomed to the sound and barely notice it.