Monday, February 15, 2010

Ike VS Lemon warhead

For Valentines day one of the kids got some warheads in their Valentine box at school. I do wonder who would get little kids warheads, but whatever. Ike wanted the lemon Warhead.

I told him he would not like it. He insisted. So finally I gave it to him but before I did I told him if he we didn't want it to spit it in the trash. Again, I told him he would not like it as I handed it to him. He popped it in this mouth. He made an awful face! Then tried to get down from the chair. I could tell he was trying to hurry and run to the trash can. Didn't make it. He puked all over the floor!

He showed me!

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The Munck Family said...

I'm laughing HARD...those are some evil candies!

Yep, we've had the same thing happen here at our house, poor Ike! But really those faces they make are so funny, but what comes after...yuck! I have a few that like them and can handle the sour and we love it see them suffer through the first few minutes..not very nice are we ;o