Monday, February 8, 2010

Keeping with tradition...

Tomorrow is my birthday. I turn 33! Wow, I know.

Every year on my birthday Max is sick. It seems like last year he may have gotten sick the day after, but I don't remember.... That was a year ago and I'm getting old! HA

Last night in our bed was Pete, me, Joe, Ike and Max. Yes, it gets rather cramped in our bed. Sam joined a little latter. Max was snoring up a storm the whole night. He did not start out in our bed but you knew when he entered the room! Now he generally doesn't snore anymore after having his tonsils removed. I figured he was coming down with a cold or some sinus stuff. I was awake though during one point trying to keep him covered and myself comfy. Joe, who was sleeping in the middle of the bed, sits up, looks around and then puts his head back down. About 1 second later he leans his head back up and starts puking all over his pillow and the bed. Nice. Just what you like when there are 5 people in one bed. I cleaned it up and layered towels all around him. Joe seemed fine the rest of the night.

Soon it was time for me to get up and get Max and Sam up. They both got up, got ready and seemed fine. I wrote a note in Max notebook that if he didn't act like he felt well, give me a call. I told them he snored a lot last night.

Around 10:30 the school nurse called me. Max was in her office not feeling well. She said he could barely even breath through his nose. I go to school to pick him up (after having to wake Joe up!). He laid down in the office floor once he came out of the nurses office. His para came in and was trying to say bye to him. He didn't want to say bye. fine with her. Max then starts coughing. I know the cough and what it mean. "Max are you going to throw up?" More coughing. I quickly pick him up and run him to the nurses bathroom. Just in time! He threw up in the toilet. Whew-- at least the school office didn't have to smell puke all day. I bring him home and he has laid on the couch and has been throwing up ever since. Tomorrow, my birthday, he will be home with me and out sick from school. He has made this his own tradition apparently!


SunflowerMom said...

Oh no! Poor Max and poor you. What a lousy tradition! Hope he feels better soon.

Karen said...

Poor Max! I hope he's better soon and that you have a great birthday regardless. 33 is young.