Saturday, February 20, 2010

updates for the week

Max's finger..... well the no bite /suck nail polish seems to not work that great after all. It should be reapplied every other day. Even if I apply it every day, Max still sucks on his finger. Even right after I put it on (and let it dry) he sucked on his finger. Not sure how anyone could keep that nasty taste in their mouth. Yuck. But I'll keep trying.

My Gallbladder.... I met with the surgeon and am scheduled to have my gallbladder removed Friday. The surgery is at 1:00. I will more than likely be staying over night. Pete can handle a night by himself with all 4 kids, right?? Everyone keeps telling me that I will feel so much better after it's removed. But I don't feel bad the way it is. It only gives me a chest pain every couple years or so. That is the only problem it gives me. The surgeon did say once it starts giving me problems then it usually will keep giving me problems and get worse. Only I have had this for years and still it doesn't seem to be more frequent anything. But I will be glad to get it removed since it does have stones in it.

My sister had a baby yesterday morning. Her 3rd boy! We plan on driving to the middle of Missouri today to go visit them. we are supposed to get hit by a big snow storm tomorrow here in the KC area, starting tonight or early morning. Watch it be nothing (fingers crossed!)

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The Munck Family said...

You'll be in our prayers for your surgery. Arthur had his removed about 4 years ago and has been so much better since then. I hope you heal quickly! Boy you have had the works first your tonsils now this, after this you need a break ;)

Max..hope his finger have cleared up, Jonathan chews his too. But they haven't ever done like Max's poor guy!

Hope you have a restful weekend after the surgery!