Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Almost Spring break!

Man, I have not wrote much lately! Not because of lack of materiel, with 4 kids, that's impossible, but rather, lack of time.

I am recovering from my gallbladder removal nicely. I see the surgeon on Wednesday for my follow up. It has been roughly a week and a half since surgery. The incisions are tiny! All but the one in my belly button. It is pretty big. It is the one that has been sore. My belly is still pretty bruises up. I can tell I must still be hunching over somewhat to protect my stomach because my lower back still hurts some. The few days after surgery it hurt along with my shoulders. My shoulders hurt because of the gas they use in 'inflate' me. It can push up on the diaphragm causing everything else to push up and cause shoulder pain. I used a heating pad on my shoulders for several days (evenings) and an ice pack on my belly button.

Spring Break is coming up. We are going to South Padre Island again this year. This year we are going for longer; almost 2 weeks. We are pulling the kids out of school a couple days before and a couple days after the district Spring Break. It is a LOOOOOONG drive for us. Roughly 16-18 hours. We may leave at night but we may leave early AM instead. We are not sure yet. Driving at night seems like it goes faster. However, Pete is working this year and not used to staying up all night like last year. (if he is not working then his 'normal' schedule seems to be stay up all night then sleep in the morning.)

Have a packed yet? NO. I have packed the kids swimsuits and that is it! We are leaving within a couple of days too. Guess what I plan on doing Wednesday besides going to my surgeon??

I think the kids are all excited to be going to the beach. Last year we had perfect weather the whole time. I am hoping for the same this year. finger crossed.... Either way, it should be fun.

Better go get kids into beds.


The Munck Family said...

Yikes that sounds painful! Hope all goes well tomorrow at the doctor.

Vacation...FUN!!! Wow long drive, glad your going to be staying a few extra days, enjoy it you need it!

Kim said...

Hope the recovery continues to go well and have a great time on your vacation! I SO need a vacation!