Thursday, March 18, 2010

South Padre

We are in South Padre Island. It took us 19 hours with only 5 stops to get here. We don't remember it taking that long last year. We did hit a rush hour in one of the bigger cities in Texas plus several slow downs due to construction and police cars stopped. we got here Friday morning... so almost a week ago now! We will be leaving to come home on Tuesday.

This is the official Texas Spring Break week here at South Padre. So as I'm sure you can guess, it is crazy here. We were here last year during this time as well. Then the following Monday it seemed dead. I'm guessing it will be the same this time as well.

So far we haven't gotten too burnt. we use lots of sun block! The weather has been nice but cooler this year than the average. The water really is too cold to get in. The kids don't seem to notice the water is only in the mid-upper 60's (I believe that is what it is).

I haven't taken tons of photos this year. I have taken some on one day at the beach and a few other times doing other things. Last year we never left the island. This year we have left several times. We got stuck on the Causeway around 5 PM- which means we had to wait for awhile. The Causeway is the only bridge from the mainland (Port Isabel) to the Island. It gets backed up. We ventured to the Brownsville zoo one day. It was pretty busy.

I will post a few photos now and some more in another post as to not overload you!

Sam's "pet" bee....

this was the back up on the causeway. The picture is too small to really see but it was backed all the way up....

Here is a map showing the causeway. I think it is 2 miles long.

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