Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TV show- parenthood

Does anyone else watch this?

It started right after the Olympics were over on NBC. I watched the first show and then we left for Padre shortly after. So by the time I got to watch it again I had 3 of them waiting on the DVR for me. I really like the show.
In the first episode the parents of Max found out he may have aspergers. Max is 8 years old. He is a very cute little kid. He has a long list of movies/shows he has been in.
They later find out that Max indeed does have aspergers. The show did pretty well I think in terms of showing how the parents felt after a diagnosis of something like that. At least for an hour long show!
Last night Max's cousin was diagnosis as being gifted. But before she was, the mom came to Max's mom for advice and wondering if her daughter could be autistic as well. The show even added in the feeling of Max's parents.... How they somewhat secretly wished their niece was autistic. I'm sure other parents of kids with special needs knows how this feels.

Of course the show has many other things going on that are good too.

During the 2nd or 3rd show, Max's mom was talking about somebody and called her a name. I couldn't tell if she said tart or tard. Surely they would not call something THAT on a show like this. So I stuck on closed captioning and in fact it was tart. whew!

But in my opinion, it is a good show and worth watching. And I'm sure it helps that there is a boy named MAX on there who is 8 years old with a special need!


Tausha said...

I totally love this show. I won't let anyone interupt me while I am watching it. I tell them this is my one and only show that I love to watch so I want 1 hour of no bugging Mom, no interupting and not question asking. hahaha So glad I'm not the only one who has liked it.

gillcrist said...

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I LOVE this show! It's one of my new favs! I hope they don't cancel it after one season! I'll be sad! I really loved how they handled last weeks episode and her secretly hoping that her niece might have autism too! LOL TOTALLY been there! haha

Debbie Yost said...

Finally a show Hubby and enjoy watching together, even if it is a little uncomfortable. So many things ring true for us, especially with 3 girls and dealing with special needs. I hope the show makes it. It is not funny like the movie and a true drama, but it is excellent. I look forward to watching it every week! I loved Tuesday's episode and how Max took his cousin's rubber band ball. He asked!

Carissa said...

Just getting around to visiting everyone who comment on my blog during UBP! I love this show but have to watch it on demand! Good description of the show!