Thursday, May 6, 2010

NJ and NYC

Remember Pete's grandmother died last Friday? Her funeral is Saturday in New Jersey. We are flying out Friday afternoon to Newark, NJ. However, he don't want to just fly there and then come right back. What will we do? Go to NYC of course. I have never been there so I'm ready to be shocked. We will only have roughly 3 days there. We would like to stay longer but the kids only have like 2 weeks of school left.

I have been very busy trying to get everything squared away. whew! That is busy work! We are renting a car for the weekend while in NJ but returning it before we venture into NY.

The kids are all excited about flying on a big plane. They have been counting down the days.

I'm also excited but also hope all goes smoothly. After all we will be flying... with 4 kids and going to NYC... with 4 kids!

It should be an adventure for sure!

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