Saturday, May 22, 2010

where does time go??

OK.. I feel like I should title every post "updates".... Cause it takes me forever to blog!

Our NYC/NJ trip went well. NYC is different but it was fun. I do plan on doing a post about it soon.

Yesterday was the last day of school! YAY! School is out for the summer. Sam will be going to 2nd grade. We had our meeting at school and the resource teacher was not that concerned. Her end of the year testing showed a 80% and a 90% for reading and math. Her writing still stinks--big time. I still plan on having her study/write over the Summer though. Hopefully that helps. (And Sharon ... I know we talked about the retention scale/test. I would not really bother with it.)

Yesterday was only a half day of school. There were no K classes. I went in to drop off some books the resource teacher let me borrow for Sam and her son was there with her. He was in K. She stated she had nobody to watch him. Not so bluntly but just in conversation. So I offered to watch him for the 1/2 day. The boys all had fun. We found a toad in the backyard. After awhile I was feeling sorry for the toad! The boys played cars, Diego, sword fights, bikes/scooters, played on the slide, and all sorts of fun things for little boys to do. He wanted some gum. After the second piece I gave him he told me I was nice! Much better than my smart mouth 6 year old who like to say I'm a mean mom!

I picked up the kids from school and dropped our extra boy back off. Then we went to the pet store for some stuff and for the kids to see some animals. I of course got to listen to... "can I have one, please?" when they spotted a new animal.

We came home and Sam played with a friend on our slip-n-slide. Then played over at the friends house for awhile. Finally around 6:30 last night they were done playing. Sam and Joe decided to test some theories out. Can a plastic bag work for a parachute while jumping down the stairs? They tired but obviously it did not work. SO .... Will a bigger bag work? Sam tired then all we heard was her crying. She somehow hurt her ankle. She crawled back up the steps, crying.

With Sam we never know if she is really hurt or just being a tad dramatic. It was shortly before 8 by this time. My doctor closes at 8. I called to asked if they did casting if a person has a broken bone or if they are referred elsewhere. She said they can do casts. However, a lot of the staff had already left because it was so close to closing time. The copay there is $25. The copay for the ER is $300. So, yeah, I am cheap. We decided to just watch it and if it gets swollen or turns colors then we would take her to the ER. Because really, at this point we still don't know how bad it is hurt or if she is 'faking' part of this. My doctor is open on weekends. So today they open at 10 am. I will be taking her this morning.

Her ankle is a little swollen but not any bruising. She won't put weight on it though. So in a couple hours I should know whats up with her ankle. What a way to start off Summer break, huh?!!

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