Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dirty work is done

I hate having to get Max's blood drawn, even more than getting my own done. So he got to skip it last week but Wednesday was the day to have it done. It was a fasting blood draw. Not really a big deal for Max as he can go hours before eating anything after waking up. I set the appointment for 10:30. Then we could get to swimming at 11:15.

I have to say 11:15 swimming time is killing me. I usually have to wake at least one child to get ready before we leave. So 10:30 was gonna be work!

I planned on trying to get them to bed earlier. However, at around 6:30 Joe and Max got in trouble for fighting over the Wii so they got sent to their rooms by Pete. Ike and I were outside cleaning up Moon Sand (I will not allow that awful stuff indoors!) and when we came back in it was quiet. I figured the boys were downstairs playing peacefully after getting in trouble. Ike fell asleep throwing a fit on the floor a few minutes later. Sam was at a friends house. All was quiet. Sam and her friend (my 5th child!) came back here to wish Max a Happy Birthday, dressed up as Mario and Luigi. I look for Max. He was not playing Wii. I check beds and find Joe and Max both sleeping in their beds. I transfer Ike to bed. 3 boys sleeping at 7:00ish. Hum, maybe I should rethink my plan on going to bed early!

I wasn't sure what I was gonna do. I could act like we were all getting ready for bed when they started to wake up and hope they lay back down. I tried it. It didn't work that well. So at 12:00 or 1:00 we all go to bed but Joe. He was playing Wii, I think. He came up a little later and laid on top of me. All 6 of us in one bed. fun. At 2:30 I tell Joe to go downstairs and I would go sleep with him. Joe was still awake by the way. I carry Ike to his bed and then Joe and I lay in Max's bed (it's a full where Joe's is only a twin). A few minutes later Ike finds me. We go to sleep --finally! Max got up kinda early which lead to the other 2 boys getting up too. Max came to find me and he isn't the quiet child when others are sleeping. I did have to wake up Sam.

I fed them all but Max. He didn't even seem to notice he did not get fed. I fixed his food and drink to take with me. I had mentioned to Max he had a doctors appointment for his blood draw the night before and briefly the morning of. I didn't make a big deal about it because then he may not have gotten out of the car!

We arrive at the office (about 5 minutes late!) and Max goes right in. He has NO idea. They call us back and Max is 'on to us' when we are going to the lab instead of a room. He refused to go in. We get to visit a room after I told them that Max usually has to be held down my several nurses. I pick him up to lay him on the table. Let the battle begin!

He immediately starts kicking, crying and screaming. Poor baby. We get him on the table with a nurse on his legs. Well, that sounds bad.... He lays on a table with is legs bent over the edge. The nurse leans on them to keep them down and that way has control of his legs and can help with the upper torso. I get his head, his arm and the upper part of his violated arm. Another nurse gets the lower part of that arm and holds on to it with all her might to keep it straight. Then the sticking can be begin. I think this guy was newer... I have never seen him there before. The guy we usually get is awesome at doing it. Max is a hard stick. So this guys sticks Max. Nothing, so he digs around. Poor Max is screaming and crying. The guy gives up and Max thinks he is free. Only to find out the guy will be sticking him again. He tries lower on his arm, actually on his hand. Thankfully he got it first try with that spot. Max is sweating and the nurse holding his arm says her hands are slipping. But she held on long enough. Once the needle was out she lost control of his arm. He had blood all over his arm and hand. I was trying to not let him see it. So I got him cleaned up. They offered a band-aid but to Max those are just as bad as a shot.

We go to collect our stickers and get on our way. We make it to swimming right on time.

I think Max will have bruising from all of this. Not only from the needle but also from the nurse holding his arm SO tight. Poor Max. We should be free and clear until his next birthday. It will be interesting to see his cholesterol levels. I don't expect it to be high. I hope I'm not surprised!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today is Max's 9th birthday! I can't believe my baby is 9 years old already! The last year of single digits.

Remember me saying how badly he wanted Super Mario Galaxy 2?? I gave it to him and Joe to share on Joe's birthday. Here is a video of him opening it...

It is very funny (and very short! 16 seconds) He was about that excited every time he opened one of his presents at his birthday party a couple weeks ago... he got several new DS games.

Speaking of birthdays... it is so unfair kids/adults with Ds need to get their blood drawn every year. I understand why and the importance of it but I HATE having to put Max through it. We had his appointment last week. He lucked out of it that day. I asked if he should also have his cholesterol checked (since both parents have high cholesterol w/o meds) and well, he isn't the skinniest kid around. She said that would be a good idea but we should do a fasting blood draw. So some time this week (hopefully) I can get that taken care of. It is a huge Battle to get it me!

Max stuck up for Joe before Joe got his shots the other day. Joe kept saying how he didn't want shots. When the nurses came in to do the dirty work, Max stood up, shook his finger at them and kept telling them "NO!" Joe survived but I heard about how his legs were "broken" the rest of the day.

Whew, birthday month is pretty much over for us now. We have 3 birthdays within 6 days of each other. (June 23, 26 and 29) as well as several other family members.

Happy birthday to my big guy Max!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Double jinx

I just had to say our air conditioner had no problems. Sunday morning I could tell something was up, just 2 weeks after having some control board replaced on it. It was HOT outside but our house was also pretty warm. I checked the thermostat and it read 81. The air was on but no cold air was coming out, just air. The unit itself (outside) was on but the fan was not spinning.

I tried a few things and figured it was the fan motor. I did some goggling and found out it could be the fan motor or the capacitor. The capacitor is cheaper to replace. Fingers crossed that is what it was.

I call our AC guy up. It's Sunday afternoon. He of course charges extra. But we are hot and know it will only get much hotter by night time. I personally could have suffered a day and had him come on Monday. I'm cheap like that. Plus the guy was giving me somewhat of a pity party. Pete wanted if fixed though today, if possible. So I told the guy come on out and we'll pay you extra.

He came out and also figured it was the capacitor. No such luck. It was the fan motor. But he had one on his truck so he fixed it up for us. Another roughly $500 for the AC in 2 weeks time.

The AC guy is a good guy though. He did give me a discount (about $70). He is very nice and is always the one that comes when I call. A few years ago when one of our control boards went bad it was, of course, about a month after the warranty was up. He replaced it for free and said he could get the warranty stuff taken care of. He just charged us the service call that day.

When he was leaving today I told him I hope to NOT see him for awhile! He said, "yeah, me too. For your sake, not mine though!"

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I hate the DMV

I dread going to the DMV. Who doesn't?? They are the slowest place to go and require so much stuff.

We are lucky in the way that we can just mail in our form to get our new sticker for our license plates every year. They used to charge an extra 50 cents handling fee. I'd be willing to pay MUCH more. 50 cents is a bargain. I don't think they even charge extra for that any more. So our tags expire this month. With Pete getting a new car we would have to visit the DMV.

Pete got it inspected and then it was up to me to get it transferred to us. Pete came home early a little over a week ago so I decided I would attempt to go the DMV without 4 kids. What was I thinking? I had 3 tag-a-longs. I went to the DMV right after lunch time. I figured the 12-1 hour was very busy but after lunch maybe it would die down some. So we get there at about 1:15. I go in, push the button on the screen to get a ticket. The wait time is 1 hour and 23 minutes. We walk back out!

DMV take 2.... they open up at 7:30. I wake up at the crack of down to get down there to hopefully be one of the first people in, and out, of there. I arrived there at 7:15. There was a long line already. I decide to wait anyway. I had about an hour and a half before Pete had to leave for work. I was number 20 in line!

I wait. Finally my number is called. I got my license renewed but could not complete the transfer of the car to our names. Or our Trust name actually. I needed a Power of Attorney since Pete's name was on the title as 'sold to'. grrr. Fine. I get the needed paper work and leave.

DMV take 3 ... Next day I wake up at the crack of dawn again. Get there at the same time and was number 23 in line. At least I was prepared and stole Max's DS before I left so I played on that while I waited. Go in, wait. I was called up and got it all taken care. I had every thing I needed. YAY!! Not as bad as I expected.

When I got my van transferred (about 3 years ago) to our names it took me 3 or 4 tries. They were picky about every single detail. The insurance cards I brought in started the end of that month (they were our new cards) so they would not count those. I had to get our current cards even though they expired within a week or so. It was such a pain. SO this time I had our old cards, new cards and a letter from insurance stated it was covered. I also had our trust paper work with the trust name on it. I forgot to check to see if they had that right... I guess I better go check and hope I don't have a 4th DMV visit. I had the title, the inspection sheet, our renewal notice for the old car and my check.

But I am done with the DMV for now. And I am glad I only have to deal with them when we buy new cars. I'm lucky I could go before Pete left for work and didn't have to drag 4 kids in with me to wait, wait and wait. I'm sure we would all be frazzled if I had to do that!

BTW-- Today is Pete's birthday!! Happy 21st Birthday to him.....Ha Ha Ha!

Friday, June 25, 2010

big first milestone

We have been parents for (almost) 9 years now. But on Joe's birthday we reached a milestone. The tooth fairy has finally come to visit us!

Sam has had a loose tooth for a few months now. Last week when I helped her brush her teeth I noticed she looked like a shark... with a second tooth behind her bottom front one. The one in front kept getting looser and looser. On Wednesday it was very wiggly. So I knew if it wasn't that day it would be the next day. That evening she came over to me and announced she lost her tooth!!
"Where is it?"
"I don't know, I lost it."
"what were you doing when you lost it?"

She was eating apple slices. So you know where it went! She ate her first lost tooth.

Luckily, the tooth fairy *knew* she lost that tooth and still came to visit.

So before bed I wanted to get pictures.....
She refused to show her teeth. What a lovely photo of Sam's lost tooth, right?

I got one the next morning after the tooth fairy came. I guess she had a little more to smile about after 'she' visited!

Look at the new tooth already half way up (well, OK, maybe not Half). Yes, it looks HUGE!
Another "smile for me" picture.
She is a goof!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


My little guy, Joe, turned 5 years old yesterday!!My big 5 year old that will be starting K this fall. Some days he wants to start school then other days he says he doesn't.

Today is my niece's birthday... Happy 7th birthday Brianna!

Joe kicks off the "birthday week!" Be on the look out for more birthdays....

Friday, June 18, 2010


Max will sign "2" to me several times a day... for the last few weeks. What does "2" mean? It means he wants Super Mario Galaxy 2! And wants it now.

Last weekend I went to the store with Sam and Ike, leaving the other 2 home with daddy. Later that same day Pete told me Max went all the way down stairs to drag Pete up so he could show him something. Max had been watching TV and saw a commercial for it. Max had rewound the TV show just to make sure daddy also got to see the commercial for "2." So I showed Pete what was in my bags... "2."

Next week is Joe's birthday. Then 6 days later it is Max's birthday. I plan on giving it to them to share. I think they will be in love!

The real question is though.. will this new game for the Wii help with the fighting over the DS??

Yeah, I doubt it too.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

That was strange

Pete's parents have always had 3 cars since I have known them. His mom wanted a convertible sebring a few years ago. One because it was tow-able behind their RV and two... it's a convertible. Then they wanted a Jeep because they also are tow-able. And I believe gets better gas mileage since it's a diesel.

They have been talking about downsizing for awhile now. They planned on getting rid of the Sebring. So we bought it from them.
Well that means we had to sell Pete's car. It took a few weeks for us to clean it and get pictures then post it on Craigslist. The same day I posted it someone came to our door wanting to know if it's for sale. I didn't have our address or anything crazy like that on the posting. So they did not see it from Craigslist. They were 2 Hispanic males. They came in a Grand Marquis. The same type of car we were selling.

Door bell rings. I answered the door probably looking rather annoyed and thinking to myself I really need a bigger "No soliciting" sign. They asked about the car and how much. I told them and they looked inside, started it up, looked under the hood and all that good stuff. Then he wanted to know if he left his phone with me if he could test drive it. I told him I'd get my husband since it was 'his' car and he could help him better.

Pete came out and offered to just ride with them so they could test drive it. They quickly changed their minds and just offered us cash... full asking amount in cash. Um, OK. Don't you want to drive it first?? No, they just wanted to buy it. So we got the title out and staring getting that ready for them. The guy said he didn't sign stuff, that was for his wife to do. Whatever.

They bought the car, full amount, on the spot and drove off. He said he had 2 other Grand Marquis' as well.

Pete and I are still curious what it was all about. Isn't it strange that someone comes to your door asking about a car, pays full in cash without even driving it or trying to negotiate the price?? Its been a couple of weeks now and nothing crazy has happened yet. You know, dead bodies found in it and it comes back registered to us.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mother's day

On Mother's Day this year we were in NJ and NY. That morning we had breakfast with a bunch of family. Usually at a restaurant the kids fight over who gets to sit next to me. Ike was asleep when we went in so he was the winner! I held him until he woke up. Then once the meal was about over the fighting begins on who gets to sit in my lap.

So what does this look like, you may ask? This....

Me with my lap a little over full! Notice all 3 boys are still stuffing their faces. At least I know I'm loved, right?

Monday, June 14, 2010


We are all night owls here. So we don't get to bed until late, sometime we are up until 1 or later. Max usually doesn't last that long but some nights he does. With school being out they kids are all staying up pretty late.

So last night we had some big storms with LOTS of thunder, and I am assuming lighting. I wasn't really by a window to see. The power kept going out but would come back on within a few seconds. Very annoying when you're trying to play games on the Wii by the way.

The last few days we have been trying to see if our air conditioner fan is working correctly. It seems to stay on long after it should but others times it doesn't. We changed the filter but didn't notice any changes. Was it all in my husband's head? Then he got it in my head?? I'm not sure.

So last night at 1 am (I guess that's morning, huh) we were all getting close to going to bed. I hear the AC come on for about 2 seconds then right back off. I asked hubby if he just did something to it. He had turned on the fan. However, the fan was not running. So we mess with it for a little bit then check out the utility room and flip every circuit breaker for the entire house. Nothing. Max was asleep before we did that or I would have heard him yelling 'cause it got dark!

The only other thing hubby could think to do was switch the thermostat out. SO guess what I was doing at 1:30 in the AM? yeah, shopping at Wal mart for a new thermostat. Got home and hubby said he was going to bed b/c it was 2:00 and he had to get up in the morning for work. So I guess he wasn't joking with me when he said I could fix it! Yay me!

I take the old one off and hook up a new one. It really did not take long at long. I get it all set up and still nothing! Nice. So I go to bed around 2:30 or 3. I sleep pretty well until 6:30.

6:30 Pete wakes me up saying he just got a call on his phone that somebody found "Ralph" walking down the middle of the street. OK, wake up..."Ralph?" I think to myself. He's been dead for a year and a half now. But wait, Baby wears his name tag because the kids lost Baby's. I have no idea where I will find that thing some day. Collar and all. I have looked everywhere!

So I get up and call the people back. I go meet them where they are at. I collect my soaking wet, old, senile dog who as walked about a mile. The ladies said she was walking down the middle of a street (it was a main street for our neighborhoods even) and a truck had stopped b/c she wasn't moving. Then another truck and same thing. Baby was in her own world. They felt bad for her and scooped her up and called us, thankfully. I didn't even know she was missing!

I tried to let her in before bed but it was still raining and she wasn't coming in. She is pretty much deaf (and blind) so I figured she couldn't hear me whistling for her in her dog house with all the rain. So I let her be. I did try several times though. She hates storms. Thunder freaks her out. I bet she heard some of that very LOUD thunder we had last night and when nobody let her in the house she decided she would find shelter elsewhere. She is not a smart dog by the way. She went through our gate which desperately needs to be fixed. With the wind it had a gap at the bottom she could have squeezed herself out of.

Back to bed. I fall back to sleep around 7:30 or 8. But that was interrupted a lot. Max coming in the bed with me, hubby getting up, him getting ready, him messing with the AC, him talking to me, Sam playing the DS right by me, etc... I did get some more sleep but not lots. I finally got up around 10:30. I know, such a hard life. Max and Sam were already awake fighting about the DS.

Once up I called an AC guy to come in the afternoon to check out our unit. We cleaned a little, ate breakfast then drug Ike and Joe out of bed at 11:30 to get to Sam's and Joe's swimming lessons that start at 12. Sam kept saying her stomach hurt. But she always has something wrong with her so most the time I just tell her to lay down, or drink some water, whatever I think my help her. Then let it be. During swimming, me and the 2 boys (Max and Ike) go to McD for food and drinks and come right back. First time I ever left them at swimming alone. Only about 5 or 6 moms even stay. The lessons are only 45 minutes long so I'm not sure what these people do with such a short amount of time. I figured this would be the day that something would go on with one of them. Me and the boys had been back for about 10 minutes when my phone rang. It was swimming. Sam didn't feel good. However, this was only about 5 minutes before class was done anyway. We go inside and get her then wait for Joe to get done.

She ate then said she felt better. However, I am pretty sure she is asleep right now. Is she sick or is she tired from staying up until 2:30/3:00??

The AC guy just got here about 30 minutes ago now (yes, I have had to get up several times from writing this post!). He says there is a short somewhere. He is testing boards and all that good stuff. I'm sure the bill won't be pretty. At least today is not a scorcher out there.

And you know what? I jinxed myself. About 2 weeks ago Sam's friend down the street had her AC stop working. I was talking to her mom and stated we hadn't had any major problems with ours yet. (we did have a board replaced a few years ago though). So, here's my problem now!! Jinxed, I'm telling ya.

Friday, June 11, 2010

NYC and picture overload!

OK, so it's been roughly 1 month ago since we were in New York City. NYC was different but fun.

We left Kansas city on a Friday afternoon. Arrived in Newark, NJ that evening and got a rental car (and rental car seats-- to which they must make a fortune on!) then went to our hotel. Saturday we hung out with Pete's family, including people we rarely see. That afternoon was Pete's grandma's funeral mass. Where I felt like I was the only crying! I must be way too sensitive!

Sunday we drove over to the Statue of Liberty. It was mother's Day and it was very chilly that day! We had about 4 or 5 layers on the kids. Smart me only brought 1, yes ONE, long sleeve shirt for the entire trip. And I only brought that because Pete was packing a jacket and other long sleeve shirts.

New York City skyline from the ferry to see Lady Liberty...

While there Max and Sam got another Jr Ranger Badge....
We then returned the car to the Newark airport and got a shuttle service to pick us up and take us to our hotel. OH MY GOODNESS! If you are one to get car sick easily... Do NOT ride in the back of a van while riding in NYC! Traffic was crazy. It took us roughly 2 hours to get there. All 4 kids fell asleep. I did learn my lesson and on the shuttle van back to the airport when we left I sat on the first bench seat.

Monday we walked over to the Natural Museum of History. It was huge. The kids got tired and hungry and bored of looking at all the stuff there. We continued anyway. We saw it all. Quickly in some parts but we saw it. We saw lots of fossils...
And one of the neater areas was the mineral and gem area....Here is a big slice of a HUGE tree...

Next day we ventured on the Subway (pics of that below). We tried a NYC pretzel. It really was not that tasty.

But the venders that were ALL over the place also sold fruit. we bought bananas, blueberries and raspberries. All were super yummy.
That day we saw Radio City Music Hall (which was having a graduation ceremony as there were people everywhere decked out in blue robes and caps!). We saw the Cathedral, NBC studio (as we walked by it) and Rockefeller Center. We ate at the Rockefeller Cafe that was down below (right by the ice rink-- which was just tables and chairs as it's not winter!). We knew it would be expensive. But we are only planning on being in NYC that one time. I got the Chilled Maine Lobster salad... for $29. It was nothing like what I would call a salad. It was roasted corn with some peppers, some kind of sprouts and other things, including lots of cilantro. I hate cilantro. The lobster was on top of the corn mixture. Tail and claws. The lobster was yummy but the other stuff not so much. The adult menu was expensive but not crazy. The kids menu on the other hand was pretty expensive, in my opinion... and drinks were separate.But we went, saw and ate.
After that we had to get pics with the famous water fountain/ statue...

We went to the Empire State building.... The pink arrow I added is where Statue of Liberty is.

Empire state building was busy but it was fun.

We then went to Times Square. Looked around and walked back to the subway to go back to the hotel. The "ball" that drops on new years eve is in this picture...

Max loved the pigeons. I knew he would. This is what he would do...
Um Max, get back over here!
We went into Toys R us to check put the Ferris wheel inside. Much to the kids disappointment, we did not ride it.

Subway rides... Waiting for the subway to come.

Pete with the death grip. I would have gotten more and better pictures here but we heard it coming so I needed to get my death grip on the other 2 kids! Those subways come flying in... and nothing is in between you and it.
On the subway. Max would only give me goofy pictures...
Do you think Ike liked it??
Joe and Ike holding on the the pole
Sam on the subway.

After a quick stop at the hotel we ventured on to Central Park. It was very close to our hotel.

Check out these tennis courts...

We walked around and let the kids play on a couple different play areas. They had fun. we didn't stay too long since it was about to get dark out.

Then on Wednesday we got up, packed, went and ate breakfast then came back and waited for our shuttle van. Driving is just crazy there. Not sure why the streets even have lines on them. Cars seem to use their horns much more often than their blinkers.

Got to Newark airport and found out our flight was running about 30 - 1 hour late. We walked around and got a snack and waited. It was rainy that day. The only day we had rain while there. And I know it's because I had said the night before, "well, it's been pretty chilly but at least it hasn't rained."

Flight back home was fine. Bumpy deceleration though. It was stormy in the KC area. I could see lighting flashes down below.

All the kids loved the airplane. Ike was out the second we took off. He slept until we were getting off the plane back home. The flight was 2 -2 1/2 hours.

Here's Joe.

Who was seating next to Pete...

Mr Max...
Sam looking all studious (is that spelled right?)
This was our plane.
It was small. But it worked out great that way. No climbing over people to use the bathroom the 15 times we visited it! We went a lot, not sure how many times. As a bonus we got seats in the last row both flights so we were Right next to the bathroom. The plane had 2 rows/aisles of seats. one aisle had 2 rows of seats and the other only 1 row of seats.

It was fun but different. It was also very fast as we only spent 3-4 days there. The kids were still in school so we pulled them out for 3 days.

Restaurants there do not have Dr Pepper. I know, how do they survive?? Also, no free refills. What's up with that?