Friday, June 25, 2010

big first milestone

We have been parents for (almost) 9 years now. But on Joe's birthday we reached a milestone. The tooth fairy has finally come to visit us!

Sam has had a loose tooth for a few months now. Last week when I helped her brush her teeth I noticed she looked like a shark... with a second tooth behind her bottom front one. The one in front kept getting looser and looser. On Wednesday it was very wiggly. So I knew if it wasn't that day it would be the next day. That evening she came over to me and announced she lost her tooth!!
"Where is it?"
"I don't know, I lost it."
"what were you doing when you lost it?"

She was eating apple slices. So you know where it went! She ate her first lost tooth.

Luckily, the tooth fairy *knew* she lost that tooth and still came to visit.

So before bed I wanted to get pictures.....
She refused to show her teeth. What a lovely photo of Sam's lost tooth, right?

I got one the next morning after the tooth fairy came. I guess she had a little more to smile about after 'she' visited!

Look at the new tooth already half way up (well, OK, maybe not Half). Yes, it looks HUGE!
Another "smile for me" picture.
She is a goof!!

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