Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dirty work is done

I hate having to get Max's blood drawn, even more than getting my own done. So he got to skip it last week but Wednesday was the day to have it done. It was a fasting blood draw. Not really a big deal for Max as he can go hours before eating anything after waking up. I set the appointment for 10:30. Then we could get to swimming at 11:15.

I have to say 11:15 swimming time is killing me. I usually have to wake at least one child to get ready before we leave. So 10:30 was gonna be work!

I planned on trying to get them to bed earlier. However, at around 6:30 Joe and Max got in trouble for fighting over the Wii so they got sent to their rooms by Pete. Ike and I were outside cleaning up Moon Sand (I will not allow that awful stuff indoors!) and when we came back in it was quiet. I figured the boys were downstairs playing peacefully after getting in trouble. Ike fell asleep throwing a fit on the floor a few minutes later. Sam was at a friends house. All was quiet. Sam and her friend (my 5th child!) came back here to wish Max a Happy Birthday, dressed up as Mario and Luigi. I look for Max. He was not playing Wii. I check beds and find Joe and Max both sleeping in their beds. I transfer Ike to bed. 3 boys sleeping at 7:00ish. Hum, maybe I should rethink my plan on going to bed early!

I wasn't sure what I was gonna do. I could act like we were all getting ready for bed when they started to wake up and hope they lay back down. I tried it. It didn't work that well. So at 12:00 or 1:00 we all go to bed but Joe. He was playing Wii, I think. He came up a little later and laid on top of me. All 6 of us in one bed. fun. At 2:30 I tell Joe to go downstairs and I would go sleep with him. Joe was still awake by the way. I carry Ike to his bed and then Joe and I lay in Max's bed (it's a full where Joe's is only a twin). A few minutes later Ike finds me. We go to sleep --finally! Max got up kinda early which lead to the other 2 boys getting up too. Max came to find me and he isn't the quiet child when others are sleeping. I did have to wake up Sam.

I fed them all but Max. He didn't even seem to notice he did not get fed. I fixed his food and drink to take with me. I had mentioned to Max he had a doctors appointment for his blood draw the night before and briefly the morning of. I didn't make a big deal about it because then he may not have gotten out of the car!

We arrive at the office (about 5 minutes late!) and Max goes right in. He has NO idea. They call us back and Max is 'on to us' when we are going to the lab instead of a room. He refused to go in. We get to visit a room after I told them that Max usually has to be held down my several nurses. I pick him up to lay him on the table. Let the battle begin!

He immediately starts kicking, crying and screaming. Poor baby. We get him on the table with a nurse on his legs. Well, that sounds bad.... He lays on a table with is legs bent over the edge. The nurse leans on them to keep them down and that way has control of his legs and can help with the upper torso. I get his head, his arm and the upper part of his violated arm. Another nurse gets the lower part of that arm and holds on to it with all her might to keep it straight. Then the sticking can be begin. I think this guy was newer... I have never seen him there before. The guy we usually get is awesome at doing it. Max is a hard stick. So this guys sticks Max. Nothing, so he digs around. Poor Max is screaming and crying. The guy gives up and Max thinks he is free. Only to find out the guy will be sticking him again. He tries lower on his arm, actually on his hand. Thankfully he got it first try with that spot. Max is sweating and the nurse holding his arm says her hands are slipping. But she held on long enough. Once the needle was out she lost control of his arm. He had blood all over his arm and hand. I was trying to not let him see it. So I got him cleaned up. They offered a band-aid but to Max those are just as bad as a shot.

We go to collect our stickers and get on our way. We make it to swimming right on time.

I think Max will have bruising from all of this. Not only from the needle but also from the nurse holding his arm SO tight. Poor Max. We should be free and clear until his next birthday. It will be interesting to see his cholesterol levels. I don't expect it to be high. I hope I'm not surprised!

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