Sunday, June 27, 2010

Double jinx

I just had to say our air conditioner had no problems. Sunday morning I could tell something was up, just 2 weeks after having some control board replaced on it. It was HOT outside but our house was also pretty warm. I checked the thermostat and it read 81. The air was on but no cold air was coming out, just air. The unit itself (outside) was on but the fan was not spinning.

I tried a few things and figured it was the fan motor. I did some goggling and found out it could be the fan motor or the capacitor. The capacitor is cheaper to replace. Fingers crossed that is what it was.

I call our AC guy up. It's Sunday afternoon. He of course charges extra. But we are hot and know it will only get much hotter by night time. I personally could have suffered a day and had him come on Monday. I'm cheap like that. Plus the guy was giving me somewhat of a pity party. Pete wanted if fixed though today, if possible. So I told the guy come on out and we'll pay you extra.

He came out and also figured it was the capacitor. No such luck. It was the fan motor. But he had one on his truck so he fixed it up for us. Another roughly $500 for the AC in 2 weeks time.

The AC guy is a good guy though. He did give me a discount (about $70). He is very nice and is always the one that comes when I call. A few years ago when one of our control boards went bad it was, of course, about a month after the warranty was up. He replaced it for free and said he could get the warranty stuff taken care of. He just charged us the service call that day.

When he was leaving today I told him I hope to NOT see him for awhile! He said, "yeah, me too. For your sake, not mine though!"

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Kim said...

Glad you could get it fixed! The temps here have been terrible. Everything is working overtime here. Last spring our whole ac unit went. I don't know how people ever lived without ac!