Saturday, June 26, 2010

I hate the DMV

I dread going to the DMV. Who doesn't?? They are the slowest place to go and require so much stuff.

We are lucky in the way that we can just mail in our form to get our new sticker for our license plates every year. They used to charge an extra 50 cents handling fee. I'd be willing to pay MUCH more. 50 cents is a bargain. I don't think they even charge extra for that any more. So our tags expire this month. With Pete getting a new car we would have to visit the DMV.

Pete got it inspected and then it was up to me to get it transferred to us. Pete came home early a little over a week ago so I decided I would attempt to go the DMV without 4 kids. What was I thinking? I had 3 tag-a-longs. I went to the DMV right after lunch time. I figured the 12-1 hour was very busy but after lunch maybe it would die down some. So we get there at about 1:15. I go in, push the button on the screen to get a ticket. The wait time is 1 hour and 23 minutes. We walk back out!

DMV take 2.... they open up at 7:30. I wake up at the crack of down to get down there to hopefully be one of the first people in, and out, of there. I arrived there at 7:15. There was a long line already. I decide to wait anyway. I had about an hour and a half before Pete had to leave for work. I was number 20 in line!

I wait. Finally my number is called. I got my license renewed but could not complete the transfer of the car to our names. Or our Trust name actually. I needed a Power of Attorney since Pete's name was on the title as 'sold to'. grrr. Fine. I get the needed paper work and leave.

DMV take 3 ... Next day I wake up at the crack of dawn again. Get there at the same time and was number 23 in line. At least I was prepared and stole Max's DS before I left so I played on that while I waited. Go in, wait. I was called up and got it all taken care. I had every thing I needed. YAY!! Not as bad as I expected.

When I got my van transferred (about 3 years ago) to our names it took me 3 or 4 tries. They were picky about every single detail. The insurance cards I brought in started the end of that month (they were our new cards) so they would not count those. I had to get our current cards even though they expired within a week or so. It was such a pain. SO this time I had our old cards, new cards and a letter from insurance stated it was covered. I also had our trust paper work with the trust name on it. I forgot to check to see if they had that right... I guess I better go check and hope I don't have a 4th DMV visit. I had the title, the inspection sheet, our renewal notice for the old car and my check.

But I am done with the DMV for now. And I am glad I only have to deal with them when we buy new cars. I'm lucky I could go before Pete left for work and didn't have to drag 4 kids in with me to wait, wait and wait. I'm sure we would all be frazzled if I had to do that!

BTW-- Today is Pete's birthday!! Happy 21st Birthday to him.....Ha Ha Ha!

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Happy Birthday Pete! 21...well, I'd like to say I'm 29 again ;) Not sure how much longer I can use that one :) Hope your birthday was great!!!