Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today is Max's 9th birthday! I can't believe my baby is 9 years old already! The last year of single digits.

Remember me saying how badly he wanted Super Mario Galaxy 2?? I gave it to him and Joe to share on Joe's birthday. Here is a video of him opening it...

It is very funny (and very short! 16 seconds) He was about that excited every time he opened one of his presents at his birthday party a couple weeks ago... he got several new DS games.

Speaking of birthdays... it is so unfair kids/adults with Ds need to get their blood drawn every year. I understand why and the importance of it but I HATE having to put Max through it. We had his appointment last week. He lucked out of it that day. I asked if he should also have his cholesterol checked (since both parents have high cholesterol w/o meds) and well, he isn't the skinniest kid around. She said that would be a good idea but we should do a fasting blood draw. So some time this week (hopefully) I can get that taken care of. It is a huge Battle to get it done...trust me!

Max stuck up for Joe before Joe got his shots the other day. Joe kept saying how he didn't want shots. When the nurses came in to do the dirty work, Max stood up, shook his finger at them and kept telling them "NO!" Joe survived but I heard about how his legs were "broken" the rest of the day.

Whew, birthday month is pretty much over for us now. We have 3 birthdays within 6 days of each other. (June 23, 26 and 29) as well as several other family members.

Happy birthday to my big guy Max!

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