Friday, June 11, 2010

NYC and picture overload!

OK, so it's been roughly 1 month ago since we were in New York City. NYC was different but fun.

We left Kansas city on a Friday afternoon. Arrived in Newark, NJ that evening and got a rental car (and rental car seats-- to which they must make a fortune on!) then went to our hotel. Saturday we hung out with Pete's family, including people we rarely see. That afternoon was Pete's grandma's funeral mass. Where I felt like I was the only crying! I must be way too sensitive!

Sunday we drove over to the Statue of Liberty. It was mother's Day and it was very chilly that day! We had about 4 or 5 layers on the kids. Smart me only brought 1, yes ONE, long sleeve shirt for the entire trip. And I only brought that because Pete was packing a jacket and other long sleeve shirts.

New York City skyline from the ferry to see Lady Liberty...

While there Max and Sam got another Jr Ranger Badge....
We then returned the car to the Newark airport and got a shuttle service to pick us up and take us to our hotel. OH MY GOODNESS! If you are one to get car sick easily... Do NOT ride in the back of a van while riding in NYC! Traffic was crazy. It took us roughly 2 hours to get there. All 4 kids fell asleep. I did learn my lesson and on the shuttle van back to the airport when we left I sat on the first bench seat.

Monday we walked over to the Natural Museum of History. It was huge. The kids got tired and hungry and bored of looking at all the stuff there. We continued anyway. We saw it all. Quickly in some parts but we saw it. We saw lots of fossils...
And one of the neater areas was the mineral and gem area....Here is a big slice of a HUGE tree...

Next day we ventured on the Subway (pics of that below). We tried a NYC pretzel. It really was not that tasty.

But the venders that were ALL over the place also sold fruit. we bought bananas, blueberries and raspberries. All were super yummy.
That day we saw Radio City Music Hall (which was having a graduation ceremony as there were people everywhere decked out in blue robes and caps!). We saw the Cathedral, NBC studio (as we walked by it) and Rockefeller Center. We ate at the Rockefeller Cafe that was down below (right by the ice rink-- which was just tables and chairs as it's not winter!). We knew it would be expensive. But we are only planning on being in NYC that one time. I got the Chilled Maine Lobster salad... for $29. It was nothing like what I would call a salad. It was roasted corn with some peppers, some kind of sprouts and other things, including lots of cilantro. I hate cilantro. The lobster was on top of the corn mixture. Tail and claws. The lobster was yummy but the other stuff not so much. The adult menu was expensive but not crazy. The kids menu on the other hand was pretty expensive, in my opinion... and drinks were separate.But we went, saw and ate.
After that we had to get pics with the famous water fountain/ statue...

We went to the Empire State building.... The pink arrow I added is where Statue of Liberty is.

Empire state building was busy but it was fun.

We then went to Times Square. Looked around and walked back to the subway to go back to the hotel. The "ball" that drops on new years eve is in this picture...

Max loved the pigeons. I knew he would. This is what he would do...
Um Max, get back over here!
We went into Toys R us to check put the Ferris wheel inside. Much to the kids disappointment, we did not ride it.

Subway rides... Waiting for the subway to come.

Pete with the death grip. I would have gotten more and better pictures here but we heard it coming so I needed to get my death grip on the other 2 kids! Those subways come flying in... and nothing is in between you and it.
On the subway. Max would only give me goofy pictures...
Do you think Ike liked it??
Joe and Ike holding on the the pole
Sam on the subway.

After a quick stop at the hotel we ventured on to Central Park. It was very close to our hotel.

Check out these tennis courts...

We walked around and let the kids play on a couple different play areas. They had fun. we didn't stay too long since it was about to get dark out.

Then on Wednesday we got up, packed, went and ate breakfast then came back and waited for our shuttle van. Driving is just crazy there. Not sure why the streets even have lines on them. Cars seem to use their horns much more often than their blinkers.

Got to Newark airport and found out our flight was running about 30 - 1 hour late. We walked around and got a snack and waited. It was rainy that day. The only day we had rain while there. And I know it's because I had said the night before, "well, it's been pretty chilly but at least it hasn't rained."

Flight back home was fine. Bumpy deceleration though. It was stormy in the KC area. I could see lighting flashes down below.

All the kids loved the airplane. Ike was out the second we took off. He slept until we were getting off the plane back home. The flight was 2 -2 1/2 hours.

Here's Joe.

Who was seating next to Pete...

Mr Max...
Sam looking all studious (is that spelled right?)
This was our plane.
It was small. But it worked out great that way. No climbing over people to use the bathroom the 15 times we visited it! We went a lot, not sure how many times. As a bonus we got seats in the last row both flights so we were Right next to the bathroom. The plane had 2 rows/aisles of seats. one aisle had 2 rows of seats and the other only 1 row of seats.

It was fun but different. It was also very fast as we only spent 3-4 days there. The kids were still in school so we pulled them out for 3 days.

Restaurants there do not have Dr Pepper. I know, how do they survive?? Also, no free refills. What's up with that?


Karen said...

You guys have the best vacations ever. I love how happy you all look.

The Munck Family said...

Sorry to hear about Pete's Grandma.

On the flip side your NYC trip sounded awesome! I love NY!! I went to grooming school in NYC, just 3 blocks down from the Empire State building. Looks like ya'll did NY right in just a short period...and made some great memories. Ya'll seem to be like us you make the most you can of the time you have. Your pictures told a tale of a family that had a great trip :)