Wednesday, June 16, 2010

That was strange

Pete's parents have always had 3 cars since I have known them. His mom wanted a convertible sebring a few years ago. One because it was tow-able behind their RV and two... it's a convertible. Then they wanted a Jeep because they also are tow-able. And I believe gets better gas mileage since it's a diesel.

They have been talking about downsizing for awhile now. They planned on getting rid of the Sebring. So we bought it from them.
Well that means we had to sell Pete's car. It took a few weeks for us to clean it and get pictures then post it on Craigslist. The same day I posted it someone came to our door wanting to know if it's for sale. I didn't have our address or anything crazy like that on the posting. So they did not see it from Craigslist. They were 2 Hispanic males. They came in a Grand Marquis. The same type of car we were selling.

Door bell rings. I answered the door probably looking rather annoyed and thinking to myself I really need a bigger "No soliciting" sign. They asked about the car and how much. I told them and they looked inside, started it up, looked under the hood and all that good stuff. Then he wanted to know if he left his phone with me if he could test drive it. I told him I'd get my husband since it was 'his' car and he could help him better.

Pete came out and offered to just ride with them so they could test drive it. They quickly changed their minds and just offered us cash... full asking amount in cash. Um, OK. Don't you want to drive it first?? No, they just wanted to buy it. So we got the title out and staring getting that ready for them. The guy said he didn't sign stuff, that was for his wife to do. Whatever.

They bought the car, full amount, on the spot and drove off. He said he had 2 other Grand Marquis' as well.

Pete and I are still curious what it was all about. Isn't it strange that someone comes to your door asking about a car, pays full in cash without even driving it or trying to negotiate the price?? Its been a couple of weeks now and nothing crazy has happened yet. You know, dead bodies found in it and it comes back registered to us.


The Munck Family said...

LOVE that car...oh to be able to drive a car that size and cute;)

Ok, very odd about the sale of Pete's car, but count it a blessing...unless you see yourselves on a wanted poster because of the body...LOL!

Congrats on the new ride!

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

I had a boss that was selling his Nissan truck. It's been several years so the details are blurry, but he got lots of calls from Hispanics who were interested, but wanted to know what year it was. If memory serves, it had to be so many years old in order for them to drive it back and forth across the border. His wasn't old enough.

I don't know if it has anything to do with that, but it kind of reminded me of his situation.