Monday, June 14, 2010


We are all night owls here. So we don't get to bed until late, sometime we are up until 1 or later. Max usually doesn't last that long but some nights he does. With school being out they kids are all staying up pretty late.

So last night we had some big storms with LOTS of thunder, and I am assuming lighting. I wasn't really by a window to see. The power kept going out but would come back on within a few seconds. Very annoying when you're trying to play games on the Wii by the way.

The last few days we have been trying to see if our air conditioner fan is working correctly. It seems to stay on long after it should but others times it doesn't. We changed the filter but didn't notice any changes. Was it all in my husband's head? Then he got it in my head?? I'm not sure.

So last night at 1 am (I guess that's morning, huh) we were all getting close to going to bed. I hear the AC come on for about 2 seconds then right back off. I asked hubby if he just did something to it. He had turned on the fan. However, the fan was not running. So we mess with it for a little bit then check out the utility room and flip every circuit breaker for the entire house. Nothing. Max was asleep before we did that or I would have heard him yelling 'cause it got dark!

The only other thing hubby could think to do was switch the thermostat out. SO guess what I was doing at 1:30 in the AM? yeah, shopping at Wal mart for a new thermostat. Got home and hubby said he was going to bed b/c it was 2:00 and he had to get up in the morning for work. So I guess he wasn't joking with me when he said I could fix it! Yay me!

I take the old one off and hook up a new one. It really did not take long at long. I get it all set up and still nothing! Nice. So I go to bed around 2:30 or 3. I sleep pretty well until 6:30.

6:30 Pete wakes me up saying he just got a call on his phone that somebody found "Ralph" walking down the middle of the street. OK, wake up..."Ralph?" I think to myself. He's been dead for a year and a half now. But wait, Baby wears his name tag because the kids lost Baby's. I have no idea where I will find that thing some day. Collar and all. I have looked everywhere!

So I get up and call the people back. I go meet them where they are at. I collect my soaking wet, old, senile dog who as walked about a mile. The ladies said she was walking down the middle of a street (it was a main street for our neighborhoods even) and a truck had stopped b/c she wasn't moving. Then another truck and same thing. Baby was in her own world. They felt bad for her and scooped her up and called us, thankfully. I didn't even know she was missing!

I tried to let her in before bed but it was still raining and she wasn't coming in. She is pretty much deaf (and blind) so I figured she couldn't hear me whistling for her in her dog house with all the rain. So I let her be. I did try several times though. She hates storms. Thunder freaks her out. I bet she heard some of that very LOUD thunder we had last night and when nobody let her in the house she decided she would find shelter elsewhere. She is not a smart dog by the way. She went through our gate which desperately needs to be fixed. With the wind it had a gap at the bottom she could have squeezed herself out of.

Back to bed. I fall back to sleep around 7:30 or 8. But that was interrupted a lot. Max coming in the bed with me, hubby getting up, him getting ready, him messing with the AC, him talking to me, Sam playing the DS right by me, etc... I did get some more sleep but not lots. I finally got up around 10:30. I know, such a hard life. Max and Sam were already awake fighting about the DS.

Once up I called an AC guy to come in the afternoon to check out our unit. We cleaned a little, ate breakfast then drug Ike and Joe out of bed at 11:30 to get to Sam's and Joe's swimming lessons that start at 12. Sam kept saying her stomach hurt. But she always has something wrong with her so most the time I just tell her to lay down, or drink some water, whatever I think my help her. Then let it be. During swimming, me and the 2 boys (Max and Ike) go to McD for food and drinks and come right back. First time I ever left them at swimming alone. Only about 5 or 6 moms even stay. The lessons are only 45 minutes long so I'm not sure what these people do with such a short amount of time. I figured this would be the day that something would go on with one of them. Me and the boys had been back for about 10 minutes when my phone rang. It was swimming. Sam didn't feel good. However, this was only about 5 minutes before class was done anyway. We go inside and get her then wait for Joe to get done.

She ate then said she felt better. However, I am pretty sure she is asleep right now. Is she sick or is she tired from staying up until 2:30/3:00??

The AC guy just got here about 30 minutes ago now (yes, I have had to get up several times from writing this post!). He says there is a short somewhere. He is testing boards and all that good stuff. I'm sure the bill won't be pretty. At least today is not a scorcher out there.

And you know what? I jinxed myself. About 2 weeks ago Sam's friend down the street had her AC stop working. I was talking to her mom and stated we hadn't had any major problems with ours yet. (we did have a board replaced a few years ago though). So, here's my problem now!! Jinxed, I'm telling ya.


The Munck Family said...

OK, this post made me "tired"!!! Hope the Ac gets up and running at a low cost;) Poor Baby glad it all worked out and Baby made it home safe.

Tausha said...

Oh, how sad for little Baby, glad he made it back safetly. Hope that AC is working better.