Friday, June 18, 2010


Max will sign "2" to me several times a day... for the last few weeks. What does "2" mean? It means he wants Super Mario Galaxy 2! And wants it now.

Last weekend I went to the store with Sam and Ike, leaving the other 2 home with daddy. Later that same day Pete told me Max went all the way down stairs to drag Pete up so he could show him something. Max had been watching TV and saw a commercial for it. Max had rewound the TV show just to make sure daddy also got to see the commercial for "2." So I showed Pete what was in my bags... "2."

Next week is Joe's birthday. Then 6 days later it is Max's birthday. I plan on giving it to them to share. I think they will be in love!

The real question is though.. will this new game for the Wii help with the fighting over the DS??

Yeah, I doubt it too.


Kim said...

I so wish I had a cure for all that fussing! My two girls always can find something to argue about. Hopefully it will give you at least a day or so of peace.....that is if they don't start fussing over the wii ;-)

Beth said...

I don't think it will help. Maybe you need two Wii's? Ha!

AZ Chapman said...

not sure I have Two and it is fun

The Munck Family said...

Yes this may help the fight...but if their like all kids they'll find something else to fight about. You know it keep s life interesting ;)