Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ike and his cute lips

Ike has a thing about injuring his lips. He has poked his tooth/teeth through his lips at least 2 times. I think 3 times. The last time was on a vacation and I didn't look too close. I knew he would be fine and well, the blood kinda grosses me out. He is all the time hurting his lips. They are cute and pouty.

His teeth take a beating as well. He still has all his teeth and has no chips that I know of. However, several weeks ago he was jumping on the bed and Max's foot somewhere ending up hitting Ike's mouth. I almost want to say this was on purpose but I don't know. He did cut his lips...as always. But within a couple of days I noticed Ike's tooth was turning colors. It was dying. So now his front bottom tooth is darker in color. Not too noticeable but I notice it. It is very noticeable from the inside of his mouth. As in, the back side of his teeth.

Ike loves to jump off our bed and onto our couch, which is right in front of the foot of our bed. He hits his head All the time but still he does this. So the other night he was doing this while I was sitting on the couch watching TV. Then I hear a loud bang and Ike starts crying. Nothing new! I scoop him up and he of course has blood coming from his lip area. His bottom front teeth looked a little further out than normal but I didn't want to look too close yet. Remember blood grosses me out. It makes me all queasy and light headed. I hate that I can't handle blood. I take him to the bathroom and start getting him cleaned up with a cold wet washcloth. I have him sit on my lap for a little bit and he whimpers for awhile.

I finally look at a his lips and teeth. I never could find a real cut on his lips. Maybe a small one but it was too much blood for that little cut. I should also mention he already had good size bruise/ blood spot on his upper lip before this even took place. I have no idea how he go it either. The blood was coming from his teeth. He somehow hit his 2 bottom teeth and pulled them forward just a little bit. Not much but enough to make them bleed and feel wiggly. He had a blood line around his teeth. I know they will tighten back up. He didn't hit them THAT hard. But now I wait and see if his other bottom front tooth will die and match the other one.

That boy is hard on his face! Will my kids ever learn to not jump on beds? Broken bones and so many bloody lips I can't even count.

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