Friday, July 2, 2010


Ok, so I had the dirty work done of getting Max's blood draw just a couple days ago. Yesterday I got a message that I needed to call the phone nurse in the morning. It was after 5 when I got the call.

The kids and I saw Toy Story 3 yesterday. That is when they called. So I obviously didn't answer the phone.

So Friday morning I get another message (around the crack of dawn). Well, around here the crack of dawn is a little later than most people's houses! I call back and we play phone tag.

I really didn't think too much about it. Then laying in bed this morning I start thinking, "what if it's about his CBC and not cholesterol?"

She called me back pretty shortly. She said Max has high Cholesterol. His total level was 145 and it should be 110. I am to monitor his diet and retest in 6 months. If I want a nutritionist recommended, they can do so. Isn't that nice. Well, Max is one of the pickiest eaters I know. He lives on pizza. He eats no meat. He does like yogurt, pastas, fruits (although some of those must be canned) and breads. He drinks Orange juice, watered down some. He will drink chocolate milk but I rarely serve it to him for some reason.

OK, I know he has a horrible diet. No need to see a nutritionist to tell me that. I'm sure her recommendation would be a different diet, after her shock wore off! So I'm think what I can do to change his diet. I already limit his pizza intake per day. I can try to cut it back even more and also make our own with fat free cheese. I could give him more yogurt and fruits.

So after thinking about it I decide to google kids cholesterol levels. According to several sites, including American Heart Association, levels in children should be 170 or lower. High levels start at 200. Max's was 145. Why is his considered high? It is within normal limits. Is there a Down syndrome factor that I am unaware of? I doubt it. I need to call them back to talk about it.

Re-testing in 6 months? God, I hope not. I hope the doctors tell me he is good to go and no need to re-test.

EDITED to add....
I called them up and they said his total was 217 and LDL was 145. So then, yes, he has high cholesterol. I guess that means in 6 months he will go through torture again. Poor baby! I am guessing this is heridtiy though and not dietary. That stinks!! I will still try to modify his diet some and see where we get. Now I'll have to ask to get Sam's tested at her 7 year appointment. That should be just as fun!!


Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

Hubby has high cholesterol and controls it some with diet (he does have to take medication) I know you said Max doesn't eat meat, but an Adkins type diet was recommended to him. I know, low carb is near impossible with a pizza eater! Talk to the dietician. Hopefully it will be one that understands. We saw one with Peanut way back when and she was very nice and not all upity about kids diets. Also, there's a pasta we get that is low carb at hy-vee. Sarah Lee has a low carb bread that also comes in hamburger and hot dog buns. Good luck and call or email me if you have any questions!

Beth said...

A couple weeks ago I went to hear Lori Overland, a leading speech and feeding therapist. She specializes in the Ds population. She has lots of great techniques to improve oral musculature and sensory issues in the mouth. I am 100% sure that she would be able to help you help Max change his diet. It would take some diligent work, but it would make a tremendous difference for him in the long run.
Google her and see what you think.