Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Fun and Step Up walk

I've been absent from posting anything for awhile. The kids and I went to visit the grandparents. Still visiting. We have been here for a week already. We plan on heading home tomorrow though.

We have been having lots of fun. Over the weekend Pete came down and we did the Step Up for Down syndrome walk in Springfield, MO. After the walk was a baseball game with the Springfield's minor league team, the Cardinals. It was all fun. I expected it to be small scale. We live in the Kansas City area and that is the biggest walk in the country I believe. Springfield's goal was to have 1000 walkers. Not sure they met that goal or not but it was close. They did meet and exceed the $ goal. So that is good.

During the days we have been hanging out, relaxing. We have gone swimming every single day. We will go back home a couple shades darker. My parents have a pool in their backyard which is nice because we can go out and come back in for food or whatever we want. My inlaws have a neighborhood pool which we visit with them. It is also nice but different since you have a life guard watching your every move. Still fun though.

We have gone to Chuck E Cheese, I know your are all jealous, and gone out for ice cream plus went shopping at Toys R Us. I don't have many pictures as I have just been enjoying the kids. I do have a couple pictures from the Step up walk but they are still on my camera.

We plan on doing this again in a couple weeks. It has been fun. Hope everyone is enjoying their summers before it's over!


Tausha said...

I love the pool in the parents backyard. My parents have one as well and we have been there quite a bit this year. They are getting a new liner put in so it's out of commision for a week, so bummed. Back to the plastic pool in the backyard. Glad you are having a good summer.

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

Have you tried the new Orange Leaf self serve yogurt place that's been popping up all over? I'm not a frozen yogurt fan but even I'm hooked. Oh, it's bad news. Fat free, maybe, but no calorie free!