Friday, August 20, 2010

pros/cons of school

There are pros and cons for starting school.

The bad.... Getting up early!!
early bedtimes
homework (although not yet) ... fingers crossed there won't be much this year
The daily schedule
remembering who has what that day (PE, library, all that good stuff)
getting snacks, lunches and water bottles ready every morning
waiting for the kids to come out of school... Joe gets out at 3:30 and Max and Sam at 3:40 at different doors and with a ton of people everywhere. (although, I think this will get better as the weeks go on)
Trying to rush Max to get ready in the morning..... He has one speed.. Max speed, and it ain't fast!
Hounding the kids to brush their teeth, go the bathroom, find their shoes, etc. every morning
Missing them during the day
waking up Joe so he has time to get ready for school that starts at 12:30!

The good...
the daily routine (yes, that is bad and good!)
going shopping with only 1 child in tow
Kids aren't here to to trash the house in 2 seconds flat (although, I can give Ike credit here and say I have faith he can do it!)
No fighting all day long (but they do make up for it around 4:00)
early bedtimes
knowing they are learning more things every day

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