Sunday, August 29, 2010

Seven already

7 years ago today I became the mommy of a special little girl....

Right after Sam was born...

Max loved Sam.
Maybe a little TOO much at times
Sam was a baby would liked to cry. But she also liked the swing
Pretty little girl

Sam was an early walker. Around 9 months old she wanted to explore the world on feet instead of hands and knees.
Sam is a drama queen... big time.
Sam, the princess, at her 1st birthday party.
Sam and Joe
Sam is 23 months here.

Almost 2 years Around 3 1/2 years

4 years
5 years
6 years

almost 7 years
Looking through photos of Sam, I found way too many for one blog post. I will do a couple more post to celebrate life with Sam. She is a handful!
Happy 7th birthday sweet Sam!

1 comment:

The Munck Family said...

Happy Birthday, late, hope your day was great SAM!

I love all her pictures, in her 1st birthday picture she reminds me so much of Ruth Ella. Don't they grow up so quick!