Saturday, August 21, 2010

That dreaded R word again

Why do some of my favorite actors/actress' have to use the R word? It drives me crazy. It seems like I have been hearing it more on TV recently.

Here is one right now that is going around....

Take the Pledge to end the word.

I like to watch Top Chef. I DVR it and watch it later, when I get a chance. Last weeks or maybe more like a week and a half ago, I was watching it and someone said, "that looks retarded." Yeah, talking about food. Not sure how food can be "retarded" but whatever. I am usually shocked when I hear that word being used. I rewind it and put on closed captioning. Sure enough, that is what he said. I turned the show off.

We happen to be part of a large ratings group, to which I cannot share details about here, so what I watch really does count. It counts for millions. The DVR stuff counts towards rating but only for 1 or 2 weeks. I plan on finishing the show well after the ratings will record. I do this with almost every show I hear that word used. I usually don't watch it anymore though.

The roast of David Hasslehoff had something real similar. My hubby DVR'd it so I watch about 10 mintues of it. The host, talking about someone else, said, "sometimes he acts like he has an extra chromosome." Or something close to that. I turned it off.

It makes me mad to hear it on TV. Our kids watch TV and I don't want my kids ever using that word. It is one thing to say it but then for the editors and producers to actually air it is another.

It was also used on The first 48 (the murder solving show). But in this case it just made the killer look more guilty and stupid, in my opinion. The killer, not knowing what else to say, called the detective Retarded over and over.

When will people learn the word is not nice to those who really are mentally retarded or mentally challenged or have intellectual disabilities (take your pick)? Pick another word people!! Or better yet, keep your mouth closed.

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