Friday, August 27, 2010

week in review

This week went by fast.

My parents came up Monday (Ike's birthday) and stayed until Wednesday. It was nice to have them here to visit. I think Ike loved it! My mom would play with him the whole day while the other kiddos were at school. Joe sleeps until I wake him up around 11:15. So Ike had lots and lots of books read to him, played just about every game in the house (even if he had no idea how to play it) and just soaked up grandma as much as possible.

Max and Sam are starting to get into the early to bed, early to rise mode. Not that they like it or anything though. Max gets up about half the time before I go to wake him up. Long, long ago he used to be an early bird. Right before he started K he started sleeping in more. He was my alarm clock. Even when we had to be in Pre-K in the AM, he was the alarm. I never set it. Max was always up around 6. Times change though! Thankfully.

Joe still goes to sleep very, very late and sleeps in. Even when I try to get him to bed earlier it just doesn't work. He is a night owl. Next year will be shocking to his system!! "what, there is an 11 AM???"

Ike has a personal alarm of "mommy got up, I better go find her." He generally sleeps with us (along with Joe). He senses when I get out of bed and comes to find me. There are nights I lay him in his bed and he stays the whole night. Some days he is up early and others he sleeps in. If he is up early he gets cranky and takes a nap later on.

Sam is a night owl by nature. It takes her awhile to get to sleep and awhile to wake up. But we are doing it.

Max will have an insect collection project due next month. This week I have been looking for insects. I did see a locus on the window but can't bring myself to kill it. I will just watch for a dead one. I'm not one to kill bugs. I will kill ants (if in my house!), roaches, brown recluses (found at my parents house) and mosquitoes. That is about it. I let spiders live and would rather take other bugs outside and release them than to kill them. I did get a big black cricket today and stuck him in the freezer. I felt bad for the guy (well, actually I think it was female). I like bugs. I think I will have more fun with this project than Max will! I am hoping this weekend we can find some cool bugs.

This weekend we are going to the grandparents house to celebrates Ike, Sam and my nephews birthdays. My parents have a pool which collects tons of bugs. I am hoping to find a few that are not water-logged yet. Dragonflies love the pool.

Sam's b-day is Sunday. I will (hopefully) be posting pictures of her that day, like I did for Ike.

Have a fun weekend everybody!!

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