Monday, September 13, 2010

the meeting

So I had my meeting with Joe's teacher this afternoon. My neighbor watched the kids so I actually did go by myself. The plan? Every time Joe hits, kicks, etc.... he will be sent to the office/principals office. I will be notified. I have a feeling Joe will be visiting the office a lot. I know he should not be doing this at school, however, he weighs like 30 pounds (OK, maybe 35) and is tiny. His blows are barely noticeable. I know, I know... it's the principle.

He even got sent there today. I was not notified but maybe that is b/c I was coming in. He wouldn't talk to the principal so he went to the counselors office. Finally he opened up and calmed down some.

Another problem the teacher is having with Joe? He hisses. A pretty simple problem in my opinion. Ignore it or just say, "I can't understand you. Use your words." He started hissing over the summer and I believe it's a phase. He really does not do it much at home. But according to the teacher he does it a lot there. I know where it's from. A cartoon. He hisses and says,"get out of my dumpster!" Apparently at school he just does the hissing. The teacher stated several times how this was odd behavior for a 5 year old. She wants him to stop before it becomes a habit and interfere with him making and keeping friends.

I talked to another teacher later about the whole meeting and her son is in 1st grade and he hisses as well. This other teacher said it would be best to ignore it, not focus on the negative and that it is not that odd.

I'm I worried about Joe hissing? Not at all. Do I think he will be hissing when he's 10? No. In a year? I would say not unless he gets so much freakin' attention over it!

I kind of feel like it is a mole-hill being made into a mountain.

Oh and she is not doing the step up walk for Down syndrome this year b/c her college aged step-son has something she was going to.


Christine said...

It can be so hard getting a teacher to understand what works best for your child. My children have gone through different stages and sometimes they see it and most times they don't. Eventually though they see that by us working together-- is a win win situation.

Karen said...

How frustrating - it sounds like you have a teacher or two who just isn't on board with the whole educating of kids thing.