Friday, September 10, 2010

school drama

The drama of school is enough to make me want to scoop up my kids, run away and never look back. This will be a rant if your wondering!

Let me start by saying I love the kids school. Better yet, I love the resource teacher and Max's para. They are awesome.

Max is in 3rd grade this year (can you believe it?!), Sam is in 2nd and Joe started half day Kindergarten. Joe has the same teacher that Max and Sam had. She is the only one that does PM kindergarten. Sam has a teacher that seems to be great. However, she is about to have twins. She is due in October, I believe. Side note, she is so small... you'd never know there were 2 little babies in there kicking around. Max's teacher, I'm not sure about yet. Her minor is in sp. ed. so I figured she would be great for him and maybe know how to 'deal' with the behaviors.

Last year Max's teacher didn't want him in the class. No, she never said this, I just gathered it. The resource teacher I so dearly love also was booted to half time last year so he got stuck with a different one. She was not so great. I could tell some of the teachers and other people wanted her out of there. I personally had no problems with her but I don't think she really worked with Max nor knew HOW to work with Max.

In a scheme, a few of them came up with, was far from stellar. I'm pretty sure they were trying to overwhelm her. They decided it was best (you know, in Max's best interest) to pull him out of the classroom with all his peers and stick him in resource for almost the entire day. He still had specials, lunch and recess with his peers. That was it. I did fight them in this meeting about that decision. However, it became apparent to me the classroom teacher loved this idea. So I stopped fighting it. Why would I want him in a class where the teacher truly does not want him in there?

After all was said and done Max would be with his para or resource teacher most of the day. In January the resource teacher left the school, shortly after all these changes took place. I'm guessing there may have been some cheering. Now the resource teacher I loved came back full time to our school. YAY. Now Max would be with someone who cares about him, makes him work and tries to always do what is best for Max. She wanted him back with his peers more, where she think he belongs. He can do the stuff they do in a (major) modified way.

This year, I'm still not sure exactly what his schedule is. I saw it at school but have not received a copy of it. I believe he is in the class during the morning then after lunch he's in the resource room.

Sam.... She still struggles. I had a meeting yesterday at school regarding her. They will modify some of her stuff and also pull her out around 20 minutes a day for one-on-one reading. We will re-meet in about 6 weeks to see how it's going. I love the fact her teacher does not send home so much stinking homework.

Joe... Here comes the drama that is driving me crazy. Kindergarten gets out 10 minutes earlier than the rest of school. However, if students have a Kindergarten sibling they may walk down to their class and walk out with them. Love this. We get out of there generally before the whole after school craziness happens. Last week I could tell there was something going on with Joe's teacher and Max's resource teacher. I don't know what but I have a feeling there are some disagreements going on about other things.

I take home my neighbors 2 boys from school and they also come out early, with kindergarten. I am sure it is crazy inside school at dismissal time and having 4 extra kids come to get 1 student is like a parade. So, a couple days ago the kids came out with Max's speech therapist. The K teacher told her that Joe does not want Max walking out with them. OK. I am guessing Max is mauling Joe because he is happy to see his little brother. I'm not sure of this. So the K teacher was telling Max, "just keep walking Max. Keep going." The next day when they all came out Max's para walked them out and said the K teacher no longer wants the other kids to pick up Joe and that the resource teacher would be talking to me about this. Whatever. I have not talked to her yet about this.

Joe has nothing good to say about school. Everything so far has been negative. But I also know he is lying to me about most of this. Another teacher asked me if the K teacher had talked to me about Joe yet. No, why? She seemed to observe the K teacher is somewhat babying Joe. Always holding his hand and such. I have no idea if this is true. Finally a couple days ago I emailed the teacher. Joe seemed to have a bad day at school and said everyone kicked and punched him. I know this did not happen but I wanted the teachers point of view of how school was going for Joe. I told her the things he says about school. She replied back saying the exact opposite is true. The other kids adore Joe and the girls try to 'mother' him even. She was worried about him saying these things and wanted to maybe talk about it. I told her that was fine but if we meet after school I would have not only my 4 but 2 tag-a-longs with me. She didn't reply with any time. I also told her we may want to wait a couple weeks to see if Joe stops saying all these negative things.

Today at school pick-up Joe came out with his class, holding the teachers hand. He tried to come to me but she held him back. I figured this meant she wanted to talk to me. She did. She looked a little stressed! She said "what a day!" Joe kicked and punched her today and that we need to talk. Is Monday after school good? yeah, that works. Then asked if I could come by myself!! I laughed and said, probably not!

I do like this teacher but since this drama has been going on about pick-up and since I emailed her she seems different. She does not take stress well. She doesn't hide it. Her and Max had their differences... lots of differences. I heard stories from other moms about how she treated Max. I never heard any of this stuff from school. Just this week I was talking to a mom that has a girl in Max's class. They were also in kindergarten together. She told me her daughter would come home several times very upset by the way the teacher treated Max. This girl has an uncle with special needs. This teacher seems to not like differences. It's her way or they may be problems. But, she has always signed up for our Buddy walk/step up and even donated extra money as well. This year she has not. Which is fine but it's odd she has never said a word about it or why she is not going.

Monday's meeting should be fun...not. She even said, "this must be going on at home as well, right?" I thought about it and said, I guess maybe he does it to Ike. I know what she was implying ... That Max beats him up and now Joe is doing this. At least that is how I took it.

I have been thinking about home-schooling for a while. Then when I found out Sam was struggling so much I thought even harder about it. I love the idea of homeschooling but could I do it? Would the kids listen to me? What would I do with interruptions from a needy 3 year old while trying to focus on something else? Could I keep up with the amount of work homeschooling requires? Would I still have my 'down' ME time? I do enjoy the break I get during the day, I must admit. I would rather go to the store/go shopping with 1 kid than 4 kids. Doesn't that sound awful?! What about social time? I love the fact that my kids can interact with so many other kids at school to learn those skills needed to socialize and gain friends. Yes, I know there are groups that do this for homeschooling as well, but how do you find them? How do you pick what materials to use? What about Max? How would I know what to use? He uses Edmark at school for reading and I love this! It costs a whole lot of money though. My questions are endless. I'm not sure if I will home-school some day or not but the thought is there. I also heard from another mom with a son that has Ds (in our school district) that I could even choose half public/half home schooling or whatever combination I wanted. That way the public school is still involved for some of the programs they do at the end of high school. The school is responsible until the age of 21 to 'educate.'

The school drama is driving me crazy at the moment. I'm sure it will be fine shortly. However, if you have any insight you would like to share about homeschooling, please do so! Here or email me (email link is in my profile page).

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Karen said...

We do cyber school. They provide the curriculum, computer and reimburse for internet cost. It does take some time, but less than what a regular school day does.

I'm sorry you're having problems. Sometimes schools are a real headache.