Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another blogger

Today I wanted to post about how much Ike LOVES his volcano shirt.
One might think the boy only has 1 shirt. He wants to wear it ALL the time. And yes, it does wear it even as Mario.
Funny picture! He was really just dancing around but he looks like he is doing some karate move.

And Max also likes his grumpy gus shirt....

He was playing frisbee at the time so not a great picture. All the teachers from school also loved it.

So where did I get these cool shirts? The Rocking Pony of course! She is a mom to 4 and also has a blog HERE. Her blog is sure to make you laugh or say "awe" when you see her cute kiddos!

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Karen said...

I love that your kids love the shirts. And I love that the shirts look so much better on happy kids than they do in the shop.