Friday, October 8, 2010

Coolest bug collection ever

Remember a few weeks ago I talked about Max having a bug collection project due? We got lots of bugs. We went to my parents house a couple times, who live in the country, and got some good bugs. We went to a couple different parks a few times as well. As I mentioned before I wasn't much of a bug killer. I did 'sacrifice' a few bugs but others were found dead, or dying.

Max would not touch any of the bugs. So collection was mainly my part. One trip to the park I just took pictures of the bugs we found and planned on using those but we ended up with a lot of bugs so I didn't even need them. I did use one picture of a praying mantis that we found because he was cool.

I found a piece of (ugly) art at Salvation Army and thought it would be a cool case for the bugs. I bought that for around $2, foam poster board for $1 and had Max help construct it. I did paint the frame with the help of 2 little boys. Max wasn't interested for some reason. We hot glued it all together and then glued all the bugs down. I made labels for the bugs and Max cut and glued those. He then picked the colored stickers for his name.

On the due day I carried it in for him. I got a note saying Max seemed very proud of his collection and was interested in the other kids collections as well.

I was expecting these 3rd graders to have super cool displays. I think I over estimated 3rd graders. Not that they weren't cool. But the few I did see weren't anything fancy like I expected. The minimum number of bugs to have was 6. I noticed most kids only had about that number. His teacher told me Max had the most bugs.

I had fun helping Max with this project. I think he enjoyed it too.


Kim said...

That is an awesome bug collection! I am a bug lover....well that is if they stay outside and don't make it into our home. I try not to kill bugs either. I usually scoop them up with a cup and throw them out. My kiddos at school would have loved that project! Way to go!

Sharon said...

Wow, that is a cool collection. It's great you all had fun and Max was proud of his finished project.

The Munck Family said...

Awesome job, my kids need to come visit you for a project like this!

I did get your email, but nothing came up, just your name. So, I wasn't sure if you emailed me by mistake. Try again. Hope you have a great week!