Monday, October 4, 2010

The day of crying

Today was busy! Friday Max got sent home from school because he had lots of snot and his eyes were red, watery and kinda crusty. I figured he would be sent home. I even wrote a note telling them if they were thinking about it to please do it before the afternoon because Ike and I had dentist appointments. He acts just fine. Except during the night while sleeping. He tosses around more than usual because he is so stuffed up.

This morning his eyes were still red and watery and he had his fair share of snot and then some. I decided to keep him home to save myself a trip back up to school to pick him back up! He was up this morning with no problems. I woke up Sam and then the day really started.

Sam would not get up. Or rather, out of bed. She cried and screamed and carried on that she wanted me to put her clothes on her bed. I told her she needed to get up, go to the bathroom and then I would help her get dress. Nope, she was not going to it. I counted down for her... 20 minutes until he need to leave, 10 minutes, 5 minutes. Pete heard the racket and came down, told Sam she better get out of bed, get ready and never yell at mom again! She got up, dressed, ate and finished getting ready. Not without foot stomping and crying though. We left later than I wanted to, but that is like most days!

The drop off car lane was really long this morning so I parked to walk her up. She would not walk up towards school. I walked her all the way to the door. The school counselor is generally there holding the door and greeting the students. She took Sam's hand and held on to her while I made my escape. I did tell the counselor that it was a rough morning. Sam was still crying when I left. Her teacher told me she calmed down when she found out her morning job was the calender. Very uncompliant morning.

Call the doctor for Max. 10:15 appointment. I had to wake up Ike to leave. We were 5 minutes late. Max now has 3 meds. Eye drops, ear drops, antibiotic. We decided to throw in a flu shot since we were there. Fighting, crying, screaming. I take the band-aid off Max's leg and he was all better. Just like magic. We go home and chill for a very short time. We take Joe to school around 12:20. Then straight to Walmart to drop off scripts. They said about 40 minutes. That would work. I had some shopping to do while I waited. We get our stuff and make our way back to the pharmacy about 50 minutes later. They said about 5-10 more minutes. We wait and wait. Then I decided to go check out and come back. Still was not ready. We wait some more. Finally about 2 hours after I dropped them off they were ready. Grrr- I hate Walmart pharmacy. Why do I keep going there?? By that time we only had a short amount of time before we had to get the kids from school. We stop by Subway on the way out to get some late lunch. That also took forever. I drop of my frozen foods at home then go get the kids from school.

Joe's class is usually the last of the kindergartners to come out. They were about 10 minutes later than let out time. I quickly got the car loaded and drove my neighbors boys home. Sam and Ike has their yearly check up at the doctors office at 3:45 today. I dropped off my neighbors boys around 3:45! doh! I figured I would be about 5 minutes late anyway. With K letting out so late it threw us even later. To top it off the street I was on had construction so lanes were closed. And that street was opened early in the day, BTW. We arrive VERY late. 20 minutes late. Oh well. They still saw us.

Sam would not do a thing. She would not stand on the scale, get her height checked, nothing. It was a fight to get her to do anything. We heard lots of "no" and her just generally misbehaving. She did the same thing last year at her appointment. I'm not sure what is up with her.

I did ask the doctor about ADD (attention deficit disorder) and she agrees that we should look into it. We now have a referral to a childrens hospital that does testing and such with ADD/ADHD. They should be calling us to set up an appointment. We should be seen within a couple of weeks. At least that is what the doctor said.

Ike got 2 shots and cried but it was short lived. Sam got her flu shot and cried and carried on forever. Joe did the same thing. Joe claimed he couldn't walk. Ike was running up and down the hall. By this time nobody was left in the office but a couple of employees.

On the drive home I got to hear lots of crying, complaining and whining. Once home, Sam and Joe had to go lay in bed because they were obviously very tired. Sam was in trouble from her behavior from the day.

So today all 4 kids have cried. They all got shots. Max was pretty concerned about his siblings when it was their turn for shots. He covered his ears to mask all the crying as well.

I am tired and starting to feel sick (sore throat and achy body). I am hoping it's just from the day and I'm not really getting sick.

Tomorrow has to be better, right?


Sharon said...

Hope you have a better day tomorrow and don't get sick. Could Sam be really really tired? Sometimes my 8yo daughter acts up in a very defiant naughty way but find she is much better after a few decent nights of sleep.

The Munck Family said...

YIKES...praying tomorrow is better!!!

Ok, your day made me tired. Wal-Mart alone makes me tired then toss in all the appointments, shots and crying....Girl you get the Super Mom award for the day!