Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First day of school pictures

I am running out pictures for Down syndrome awareness month! I need to get some more ready.

My camera died a few months ago. I know which one I think I will replace it with but was waiting closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas because of sales... and I'm still thinking about it. So recently I have been borrowing Max's. He is OK with that sometimes! However, his USB cable stopped working when I plugged it into my computer. I tried the card reader on my computer. It does not work because the driver is not installed. I found the driver on Dell website and scored. It worked. Once. Then it acted like I never installed the driver. Irritating to say the least. So now to get pictures from Max's camera to my computer I have to give the SD card to Pete. He then either puts the files in a "share" file over our network or loads them on a portable drive for me. I can't just go take some pictures and quickly download them to my computer. Yeah, I should probably check Ebay for the USB cable for his camera.

Max can be a tricky guy to photograph. If you can get "the" shot then he looks great! Most times though, he will smile until he knows the camera is about to take his picture then make a silly face. On the first day of school he kept doing some weird hand thing while I was trying to get his picture.He is a goof ball!

Then there is goof ball number 2!
Sam insisted on this umbrella. And no, it was not raining!

And my little Joe. Ready for his first day of school. Apparently Max and Sam forget to tell him he needed to make a crazy face, carry something silly or to include hands in his picture!

School has been going on for a couple months now but I never shared the pictures. In fact, this week is the last of first quarter. The kids all get Friday off for teacher work day. Next week they get a 4 day weekend and lucky duck Joe gets a 5 day weekend. It is for Parent teacher conferences.

Enjoy your day!


The Munck Family said...

Love the cute pictures, everyone looks happy.

I got your email and I'm getting a few things together to send you.

Tausha said...

Such cute pictures!!!!