Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween parties 2010

Today school had their Halloween parade and parties.

My kids were the Mario crew.

We Have Mario and Luigi
Princess Peach and Mario
Princess Peach
Toad (with his Sheep!)
Max and a cat, ur... I mean Luigi and a black cat!
Peach and Mario
Mario with his spider cookie he made
Toad and the spider cookie he made
Toad playing games with a princess (or butterfly)... She lives 2 houses down from us.

The kids had fun. Parties are always crazy! Little Mario had had enough before the parties were over. He fell asleep in about 3 minutes after being in the car. We live about 2 minutes away from school but he was so close to sleep I unloaded everything else first and poof-- he was sleeping!

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heidi marie said...

Love the costumes. I so want to do a theme with my kids as well. Won't be this year but definitely next.